Subject: Balancing Opposing Qualities

Balancing Opposing Qualities

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Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.

We may be aware of our obvious shortcomings, but are we aware of the shortcomings that come from our qualities?

Personal qualities, or virtues, by nature also bring with it shortcomings. People that are:
  • too patient are often passive;
  • too active are often restless;
  • too compassionate are often taken advantage of
  • too calm are often slow;
  • too disciplined are often rigid
  • too spontaneous are often inadequate

I don’t hear many people speak about this, but in my journey need to develop opposing sets of qualities has become clear. 
This means being strong yet flexible, creative yet disciplined, determined yet gentle. Of course, this is easier said than done, but even simply acknowledging this fact can be helpful in pointing out some blind spots. 

Life is rich and complex. We need more than one set of skills to live well and flourish. Sometimes we need to accept things, and at other times we need to change them. And often there is no easy way to tell the difference.

Think of your top three personal qualities. Are there any opposing virtues, qualities, or attitudes that you need to cultivate to balance these?

Once you figure that out, it’s all a matter or remembering that virtue all the time. The more you remember it and think about it—looking for opportunities to put it to practice—the sooner it will become natural for you.
Happy growing,
Giovanni Dienstmann
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