Subject: I'll Only Join An Opportunity That Has Mass Appeal

I Will Only Join A Business Opportunity That Has MASS APPEAL

I hope you are experiencing a FANTASTIC day, wherever you are!!

I get people showing me their business opportunities all day every day... that is the life you pay for being in this industry. In fact - many marketers can never get FOCUSED on what they are doing because they are bombarded with new "shiny objects" so often!!

If you constantly jump from BIZ-OPP to BIZ-OPP, hoping that the newest one is the one that is finally going to "save" you - that is NOT the way to get somewhere in this industry.

Now - I'm not saying that you can't be INVOLVED in several different opportunities. The idea is to NOT BE HANDCUFFED (unfocused, getting nowhere in ANY of them!)

Many successful marketers are in a bunch of different deals. The key is, they became successful in 1 of them first... which allowed them to spread their wings and do whatever they wanted to, after that.  

Most programs cost money to get involved with. It could become a serious issue to be in several of these - paying money out of your pocket each month - while not earning any real money in ANY of them!!

If you ARE able to find some great opportunities that cost you LITTLE or NOTHING, this isn't so much of a problem, now, is it?

That is EXACTLY what I'm doing here, now, with Kick Your Job

My plan is to show you programs that cost LITTLE or NOTHING out-of-pocket for you - OR- somehow can be justified as "worth it" because of the benefits that you get from being involved.  

These are the types of programs that you would absolutely LOVE to share with others, without feeling like you are PITCHING them on something!!  

MASS APPEAL means that the products (yes, they NEED to have their own actual products) are desirable to almost everybody. Basically, the ideal products are ones that people use day-in and day-out. Also in this category is different online industries where lots of money is generated by big companies that aren't sharing some of that moolah back with us!! 

Here are a few of these MASS APPEAL products/services:

1.) Online Advertising 
2.) Shopping Discounts 
3.) Telephone / Cell Phone Service
4.) Travel 
5.) Energy (Gas / Electricity) 
6.) Auctions (Online)
7.) Casinos (Online)
8.) Advertising (Online)
9.) Gaming (Online)

There ARE a few others, which I'll be adding to this list at a later time. 

Any of the products/services listed above are pretty much everyday necessities for people. It is SO MUCH DIFFERENT than trying to sell items such as vacuum cleaners, automobiles, or magazine subscriptions. Do you see my point?

Most network marketing companies out there are based on HYPE - and they don't have products or services that everybody wants or needs. Therefore, you get a bunch of eager affiliate/reps who basically joined because of the comp plan and not because they were excited (or even cared about!) the product.   

Being able to "tap into" these markets offers a HUGE earning potential for us marketers. I don't want to make any income projections, but I can tell you that it is ABSOLUTELY STAGGERING, the amounts of money that are  being earned!! 

This is what gets me excited!! Having the ability to show people opportunities where they can come in FREE or really CHEAP and create the TRUE FREEDOM that so many people are looking for. 

To give you an idea of how BIG the network marketing industry is...

1.) NFL is a 9 Billion $ Industry
2.) Video Gaming is 50B Dollars
3.) Music is a 70 Billion $ Industry
4.) Music/Entertainment 110 Billion
5.) Network Marketing 114 Billion   

As you can see - there's NO SHORTAGE of cash in the network marketing industry... but we need to pick the best companies/markets to be involved in!!

Next time I'll show you what I consider to the the #1 opportunity out there, today. You'll probably agree that it is a total no-brainer once you see it for yourself...   

Keep Smilin' :-) 

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