Subject: Why Haven't I "Pitched" You On A Biz Opp Yet?

Why Haven't I "Pitched" You On A Biz Opp Yet?

It's a great day, here, Friend - I hope you are thinking the same, wherever you are at!! (BTW, I hope you liked yesterdays' email of "Your RIGHT To Be RICH"!)  

A few weeks ago, when you "opted-in" (put your name and email into those boxes) I'll bet you were thinking that I would immediately show you a company or program that I am involved in... hoping that you'd just join before you have a chance to blink an eye...

If I HAD done that - it would have been doing both me AND you a huge disservice!

This email series is called "Kick Your Job" for a reason. I'll literally be showing you vehicles that you can use to do JUST THAT!! The only qualification is, you'll need to really really really REALLY want it. (4 really's)

I choose to be involved in programs that:

  A.) Have MASS appeal, and 

  B.) are DOABLE for the average person (with a serious desire to succeed)

If you've gotten this far, congrats!! You won't want to miss the next email!!   

Keep Smilin' :-) 

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