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C A R E T A K E R ' S  L E T T E R
Dear Friends of Wilbur:

The Wilbur Health  Experience,  at Wilbur Hot Springs,  is  designed as  a health maintenance experience and Wilbur is a pioneering effort in the creation of  a Health Maintenance Sanctuary (HMS).

Health maintenance consists of healing, preventing and maintaining. All of these are most effectively  accomplished by  creating psychophysical balance and strengthening the immune system.

At Wilbur, guests sleep when tired,  eat when hungry, commune with Wilbur's prescription grade nature (RxN) and take the natural  medicinal waters.  The ambient decibel level has been measured as quieter than the average library. Wilbur provides a digital detox and so cell  phones and computers are hardly seen.  People talk to one another directly without technology.

Respect and kindness reign and everyone can feel the sense of emotional safety.  Being 22 miles from the nearest town, Wilbur is like a country unto itself.

For some additional health ideas go to the web site of my radio program: Mind Body Health & Politics and listen to the interview about the Blue Zones.  The Blue Zones are the 5 places in the world where people live 10 years longer, and healthier, than the rest of us.

Take charge of your health and join us for the Wilbur Health Experience.
Say hello next time you are here for the Wilbur Health Experience.

Until then I wish you a powerful immune system and abundant self balance.

Richard and Jolee,
Caretakers, Wilbur Hot Springs

Richard Louis Miller, M.A., Ph.D.
Clinical Psychology
Wikipedia: Dr Richard Louis Miller
Wikipedia: Wilbur Hot Springs
Psychedelic Medicine

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Greetings Friends of Wilbur,
If you have visited Wilbur, you are most likely aware of the Nature Preserve and the unique sites to enjoy. It is there you will find our Wishing Tree where hopes, desires, prayers, dreams and wishes are written on colorful tags and tied to its branches. 

As is the custom on New Year’s Eve, the wishes are released and transformed with a bonfire. 
This year, because of high winds and low precipitation the Millers built a small camp fire at Sarana and Aaron's Yurt instead of the large bonfire.
With much love, each tag was carefully removed from the Wishing Tree by Dr. Richard Miller and his family: Jolee, Sarana, Aaron, Jules (Jolee’s son) and his brother Lauren. They sat together and read many of the notes (and there were thousands).  
They were a cross section of the wishes of our culture.  A high percentage of the wishes were wishes of good things for other people. Some wishes were to save a life or a marriage and some were to save humanity itself. Many were sentiments of wellness wished for all. 

Next time you are at Wilbur join in and place a wish on the Wilbur Wishing Tree (see more images here).  And, if you feel extra creative walk further down the road to Wilbur's Wind Chime Park and think about adding an assemblage wind chime.  The guest-made wind chimes are there all year around.
And, by the way, when you encounter the ponies in the Nature Preserve, say hello.  They are friendly and will eat apples and carrots from your hand.
With much love,  
Jerry and Brennan Newberry
WHS General Managers

Dates for upcoming Wilbur events, workshops, specialized practitioners, and closures
are noted on our Wilbur event calendar on our website.

Guest Chef Weekend
February 15 - 17 

Join Chef Marion Cascio in February for a deliciously fun weekend.

Call now to make your reservation (530) 473-2306
We still have a few spots left!

Amma Thanasanti: Re-wiring for Joy
February 2-3

Guided Meditation sessions morning and evening on both days. These classes combine traditional Buddhist meditation practices with neuroscience and neuroplasticity techniques to help us effectively re-wire our brains. This helps us turn everyday events into powerful inner strengths, release painful experiences, increasing our health, joy, confidence and contentment.
February 5-7
Rev. Julia Harrell is a spiritual minister who’s greatest joy is offering guidance to help others find their own higher truth on their path of daily living and awakening. Complimentary workshop on January 8th and readings on January 9th and 10th.

Julia has had extensive training in clairvoyance techniques, spiritual healing modalities and trance mediumship for the past 17 years, with prior esoteric (meditation as a service to humanity) practice for 22+ years. Visit our website for more details and you can learn more about her and her certifications on her website at
February 9-10

Complimentary to all Wilbur Guests ~ Shundo offers 4 guided meditations: December 16 both AM & PM sessions and Sunday December 17 another AM session. Come up for the day or stay Saturday Night to enjoy all that he has to offer. Visit our website for more details and to learn more about Shundo check out his website:
February 9-11 and February 16-17 at 8 a.m.
Complimentary for all guests

Come join us for a simple, gentle set of exercises based on Chinese traditional medicine and martial arts, suitable for all ages, all body types, and all levels of mobility. Enjoy having fun while learning about and practicing Tai Chi. John has been a Tai Chi and Qi Gong instructor since 1985. He offers classes in Paradise, CA with a focus on the senior citizen community. John is also a massage therapist here at Wilbur. He incorporates the movement, stillness, touch, pressure, chi (energy), manipulation, and breathing of these ancient vibrational healing arts into massage.
Sarana Yoga Retreats

Join Sarana in 2019 for a weekend of breathing, chanting, asana and soaking in the healing mineral waters of Wilbur. Strengthen your practice while relaxing and rejuvenating your body and mind.

You’ll step back from your daily routines and retreat to this sacred land, home to healing waters that have been used for renewal for centuries.

The popular SaranaYoga retreats at Wilbur always fill up fast. Please click below for additional details, and/or to make your reservation.

2019 Dates
  • April 12 - 14
  • May 3 - 5
  • May 17 - 19
  • September 20 - 22
  • October 11 - 13
Attention Independent Massage Providers

We currently have an opening for a seasoned Massage Therapist who is available weekdays. Please send your credentials to
3375 Wilbur Springs Road, Wilbur Springs, CA 95987-9709 - 530-473-2306
Photos by Trinette Reed, Meg Solegui, and Shundo David Haye
3375 Wilbur Springs Road, Wilbur Springs, CA 95987, United States
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