Subject: Will You Take Me Up On My Challenge?

Will You Take Me Up On My Challenge?

Hi Friend - it's been few days since my last email to you.. I hope all is going well in your life!

With a subject line and title like "Will You Take Me Up On My Challenge?" I'm sure I have you wondering what the HECK it is that I am talking about?

There is an unwritten rule - somewhere - that states that if something is repeated EACH and EVERY DAY for a period of 30 days - it will become a HABIT.

This is GREAT NEWS for me and you!!!! "Why is it so great?", you might ask...

The answer to this question is very simple. You might have automatically assumed BAD when you read the word "Habit". That is understandable for you to think that...

The truth is that there are both GOOD and BAD habits. Of course, I'm referring to the GOOD ones right here and now!!

The 30/30/30 Challenge
  •  1. Read something positive and motivational for 30 minutes each day

  •  2. Listen to 30 minutes of positive/motivational audio for 30 minutes each day

  •  3. Do this for 30 days straight
    Reading for 30 minutes, and listening to 30 minutes of audio - for 30 days straight... will enable you to form a HABIT!  (Yes, a GOOD habit!!)

Note: This MUST be done for 30 days straight!! If you miss a day, you need to start over again.. at DAY 1.

READING: here is that book list again. Or you can Google "motivational books" for yourself to find different lists or ideas.

AUDIO: Here's 1 resource for motivational audio books. Once again, you can Google "motivational audio" or something like that, and find plenty of resources to find good downloadable recordings, OR you can do a search on YouTube and watch them on there!!

Maybe (for some silly reason) - at this point in time you won't accept my challenge. Most people write-off motivation as being "unnecessary". If, at any point you aren't seeing the kind of results that you are looking for.. guess what the VERY FIRST QUESTION that I'll be asking you is...

See ya in a couple days!   :-) 

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