Subject: FaceBook FutureNet Group To Join

FaceBook FutureNet International Team

Welcome back! We're closing-in on two weeks, now!  Whew! How many good nights of sleep did you get since I started sending these to you? Did you catch the bug, yet?

We have a FaceBook group for our Futurenet team to gather and talk about how we are building our business. This is where you can get lots of help and advice from other members, as well as updates. We have some members in the group who talk with the owners of FutureNet on a regular basis and are always "in the know".

From this group we introduce new members, talk about upcoming stuff, and generally "cheer each other on" as we are all working, collectively, to make FutureNet grow into a worldwide platform that the masses will embrace and get paid from.
In order to get into this group - you have to be a paid member of FutureNet or FutureAdPro. As long as you've spent at least $10 - either for an adpack in FAP or for a matrix position in FN - then you will be allowed in the FaceBook FutureNet Group

The leaders in the group want to make sure that a person is somewhat serious about their business. I'm sure you can understand that. There is no sense in having thousands upon thousands of members in there if most of them are free members who have no vested interest and might not even be paying attention.. let alone, trying to build their FN business.

You can request to join the group and get into it - they may let you in before asking you to prove that you are an upgraded member in either FN or FAP.  

I'm sure you want to be in that group with us. Maybe you can't afford it right now. It's OK if that is the situation. I have another group that you are allowed to be in, for free.

Me and my team are "paying some people in" if we can see that they are serious about building their online biz. We don't want a shortage of cash to keep you from creating the lifestyle of your dreams. Again, you have to be serious, though. Don't worry, we will know how serious you are.

It isn't too often that a great opportunity that can help so many people, comes around. Even more - to catch it THIS EARLY in the process is absolutely amazing!!!

Tomorrow I'll show you how to join my own team, specifically catered to all revshare opportunities. Remember, we are all looking to build our "Adpack Empires". Ok - done for now - chat ya later!!

To Your MASSIVE Success!!

Curt Miller
600 E. Lloyd St.    Ebensburg, PA 15931

"What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

600 E. Lloyd St., Ebensburg, PA 15931, United States
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