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Today marks 14 days of getting these emails from me (Curt Miller)! How are you handling all of this? Hopefully, you are so excited, by now, that you can't sleep too well at night!! Hopefully you started to DREAM again.. because that is what life is supposed to be about, isn't it?
In yesterday's email I showed you our FutureNet group, inside of FaceBook. You'll definitely want to request to join that now, in case you forgot to.  Of course, you joined FutureNet already, correct? (No? Ok, here, join FN now now)

Today I want to make sure you are with me. Today is the day I offer for you to join MY team. My team is called the KICK YOUR JOBTEAM. (request to join now!)

You see - it is a dream of mine to help to make the world a much better place than how it is currently.  I would like to eventually create a foundation to help to feed people all around the world.  FutureNet fits perfectly in my vision for this. In fact, FutureNet will be helping poorer countries all around the world, all on its own, simply because of what it is already offering.

There are people in some countries where people can now earn more by chatting on FutureNet than what they could earn at a job all day long. Serious!

People can do much more for the world if they first free themselves from financial worries and build themselves some wealth. This is what I'm doing. The beautiful thing about this network marketing arena is that:

"In order to get what YOU want.. you have to help enough other people get what THEY want."  -- Zig Ziglar.


This means that people who take action will get to go for the RIDE of their LIVES!!

FutureNet is the backbone of my revshare idea. It is the only rev share company that has the ability to reach people on a global scale. It is a social media site, so I can "house" all of my people who will get used-to seeing others earning money online all day every day. 

There will come a day when I won't be going into FaceBook, anymore. I can't say when that day will arrive, but it will surely come. There will be NO NEED to go there.  These groups of ours will all be inside of FutureNet, instead. Imagine how different YOUR LIFE could be by the time this happens!!

That's all for today! Join my KICK YOUR JOB TEAM and I'll see you in there!! Until the next email....

Keep smilin'  :-)  

Curt Miller
600 E. Lloyd St.    Ebensburg, PA 15931

"Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement." –W. Clement Stone

600 E. Lloyd St., Ebensburg, PA 15931, United States
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