Subject: Happy European Day of Parks!

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Happy European Day of Parks!
Celebrating #OurNaturalTreasures
This year, the European Days of Parks is a call to reconnect with Nature, and to highlight the natural treasures that make our Parks special! it aims to bring people closer to Nature by offering a diversity of activities and events in Protected Areas across the EUROPARC Network. The events address people of all ages: children, youngsters, young adults, families and seniors – everyone can participate in local events organised by Parks and regional authorities!

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Celebrating the #EuropeanDayofParks together
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Events across Europe

Portugal, Finland, Montenegro, Belgium, and Spain are just some of the countries that have prepared the most versatile ways for you to reconnect with nature and celebrate European Day of Parks. Join them!

Portugal – 24 May 2019 – Teatro Musical “O Bosque Encantado”
On Friday, May 24, Casa das Viras will host the Pandora Theater, a company of actors and puppets, which will present the play “The Enchanted Forest”.
In this play, the animals that live in the woods come to life… and explain in their own voice the importance of protecting nature.
More about the event here!
Finland – 24 May 2019 – Nature’s moods and moments by Konsta Punkka
Attend a special photo exhibition in the three Visitor centers of the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park.  The images of Konsta Punkka, one of Finland’s most world-renowned nature photographers, will take you on a journey into Finnish nature, from the awakening of spring to the abundance of autumn and from one visitor center to another.
More information can be found here!
Montenegro – 24 May 2019 – Natural treasures of National parks
This year’s celebration of the European Day of Parks will be held in the national parks of Montenegro in order to promote the natural treasures of national parks. During this celebration, several promotional and educational events will be organised in national parks of Lovćen and Dormitor. Educational workshops will be held on thematic and educational trails, as well as in the visitors’ centers of these parks.
More information can be found here!
Belgium – 25 May 2019 – 1000-soortendag
With its large surface area and diversity of natural biotopes, Het Zwin is a real hotspot for biodiversity. On the 1000s species day, we will put this in the spotlight.
Experts are looking for as many species as possible.
On the 1000-species day, specialists from many groups of species come to the Zwin, with the aim of observing as many different species of animals and plants as possible. As a visitor, follow the observations of the experts live!
You will be able to follow the species counter from 24 May on via

Spain – 26 May 2019 – Geo Rally Fotográfico del Geoparque

Get to known the geology, the landscape, the ethnography, the flora and fauna biodiversity of Geopark and Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park, and use photography as a tool for the enhancement of heritage, allowing you to know and observe it by combining an entertaining and interpretative day trip in contact with nature with the art of photography.
More information can be found here!

How it all began

The European Day of Parks is a commemorative day for Protected Areas across Europe that was launched in 1999 by the EUROPARC Federation to celebrate Protected Areas throughout Europe.
It celebrates the creation of the 1st National Parks in Europe – a set of nine parks created in Sweden in 1909.

Every year, the European Day of Parks takes place on the 24th of May, with activities organised in and around that day. It aims to bring people closer to nature and raise public awareness on the importance of the natural beauty preserved in Protected Areas and the importance of conservation and sustainable management of those places.


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