Paksa: Join a #breakfreefromplastic Brand Audit, fire in Exxon plastics facility in Texas, microplastics under investigation in the UK, and more!!!

Join a #breakfreefromplastic brand audit this SEPTEMBER!

Last year, we have mobilized 238 brand audits worldwide in pushing for corporate accountability on the plastic pollution crisis! This year, we aim to bring more people and communities together who want to take action for a future where beach and community cleanups are a thing of the past. 

Other News
Plastic comes from oil.

#breakfreefromplastic member Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services responds to the recent Exxon Mobil polypropylene fire in Baytown, Texas. This facility is responsible for producing plastic.

California is entering 'make or break' territory to pass it's landmark plastic pollution reduction bill.

The Story of Stuff Project is inviting people from all around the world to get involved, helping us keep the pressure on until this bill becomes law. We’ll deliver YOUR messages to the California state capitol at a public event on August 21, shortly before the bill comes up for its final vote. 
How is plastic impacting our health?

“We do know that many types and uses of plastic have toxic additives, we just don’t know what the impact of that is,” said Emma Priestland from Friends of the Earth EWNI in a Huffington Post exposé. #breakfreefromplastic groups ChemTrust, CIEL, The Women’s Environmental Network, are on the forefront of the potential impact of everyday plastics on human health.

Citizen science is leading the way in Britain's waterways. Laura Sanderson from Surfers Against Sewage is carrying out samples in 3 Welsh rivers to investigate microplastics.

What will her results show? 

"Zero Waste Chennai is all about implementing a decentralized waste management system in the city and making Chennai sustainable and garbage-free in its 200 wards."

In India, #breakfreefromplastic member Citizen consumer and civic Action Group (CAG) kicks off its Zero Waste work with the local government of Chennai. The new initiative will be implemented in 15 zones and aims to transform Chennai into a Zero Waste city! 
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