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Bring On The Girls (1945)
Starring Veronica Lake and Sonny Tufts

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In this high-spirited musical-comedy, J. Newport Bates (Eddie Bracken) is a millionaire who finds women are only interested in him for his money. When he becomes infatuated with Teddy Collins (Veronica Lake), a cigarette girl, he tries to hide his true identity from her, hoping she'll be interested in him for himself rather than his bank account. However, once Teddy figures out who he is, Bates drops her, and he is about to give up on women entirely when he meets Sue Thomas (Marjorie Reynolds), a nice girl who isn't interested in his money (or at least not yet). Musical satirists Spike Jones and his City Slickers also appear, though most prints are missing a bit from one of their musical numbers: a verse from a song that made fun of Eleanor Roosevelt was clipped after the film's initial engagements.
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Writers: Karl Tunberg, Darrell Ware

Stars: Veronica Lake, Sonny Tufts, Eddie Bracken, Marjorie Reynolds, Johnny Coy, Peter Whitney, Alan Mowbray, Grant Mitchell, Joan Woodbury, Huntz Hall, Spike Jones Band, The Golden Gate Quartette
Songs include:

Music by Neil Moret
Lyrics by Gus Kahn
Performed by Spike Jones and His City Slickers (vocal by Red Ingle)

You Moved Right In
Music by Jimmy McHugh
Lyrics by Harold Adamson
Sung and Danced by Marjorie Reynolds (dubbed by Martha Mears) with Billy Daniel and chorus girls

Bring On the Girls
Music by Jimmy McHugh
Lyrics by Harold Adamson
Sung by chorus girls

If It Could Happen
Music by Jimmy McHugh
Lyrics by Harold Adamson

How'd You Like to Take My Picture?
Music by Jimmy McHugh
Lyrics by Harold Adamson
Sung by Marjorie Reynolds (dubbed by Martha Mears) and chorus girls

Uncle Sammy Hit Miami
Music by Jimmy McHugh
Lyrics by Harold Adamson
Sung by Sonny Tufts, Eddie Bracken, Johnny Coy and sailors

True to the Navy
Music by Jimmy McHugh
Lyrics by Harold Adamson
Danced by Johnny Coy

I'm Gonna Hate Myself in the Morning
Music by Jimmy McHugh
Lyrics by Harold Adamson
Sung by Sonny Tufts

The Preacher and the Bear
Written by Joe Arzonia

Egyptian Ella
Music and Lyrics by Walter Doyle
Sung by Sonny Tufts
Most existing prints are missing 40 seconds of the Spike Jones production number, "Chloe". The telephone joke following Red Ingle getting a mouthful of snow involved Eleanor Roosevelt, and would have been considered outdated after the death of FDR. Sacrificed along with the joke was a sequence with Spike Jones playing the pinball machine.
Another Jones production number, "That Old Black Magic", was also considered for this movie. Spike Jones's famous line in "Chloe", "Where are you, you old bat?" is changed to, "Where are you, you old witch?" because of censorship from the Hays Office.
This was Veronica Lake's first film in Technicolor.
It is loosely based on the 1940 French comedy The Man Who Seeks the Truth.
The film was from the writers of the Bing Crosby musical Dixie. It marked Veronica Lake's return to the screen after an absence of several months, during which she had lost a child and been divorced. It was her first proper musical, although she had sung in This Gun for Hire and Star Spangled Rhythm. Her original co-stars were to be Eddie Bracken and Dick Powell. Eventually Powell was replaced by Sonny Tufts. Filming started in January 1944.
This was dancer Johnny Coy's first film. Several reviews praised his performance, including Hollywood Reporter, which stated: "One of the most conspicuous personal triumphs is scored by Johnny Coy, a young, loose-jointed tap dancer whose skill with his feet is astounding and stamps him as one of the best anywhere."
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