Subject: AIS Newsletter June 2019

June 2019 Edition
June 2019

AIS welcomes the Federal Government’s ministerial appointments to the skills and vocational education and training portfolios.

Senator Michaela Cash has been appointed as Minister for Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business. She will be supported by Hon Steve Irons MP as Assistant Minister for Vocational Education, Training and Apprenticeships.
Rail IRC Chair Profile

In this month’s newsletter, we continue a series of profiles featuring the chairs of each of the 11 Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) we support. The chairs have a wealth of experience in their relevant industries and have one thing in common – they are all passionate advocates of Vocational Educational and Training.

This month we profile the Chair of the Rail IRC, Victoria Kent.
Cross Sector Trends - 2019

In preparing the 2019 Skills Forecasts, we examined thirty years of employment data for each industry AIS supports. This analysis, along with other research and consultation, identified the following cross-sector trends that are influencing skill demand.

Future Skilling for a Digital Economy

A new report released by NCVER, Skilling the Australian Workforce for a Digital Economy, reveals that Australian employers should be more proactive in developing digital skills for their current and future recruits in order to maintain productivity and competitiveness in the rapidly changing digital economy.
The Corrections Industry Goes Digital

While you might not readily picture a prison as a hive of technology, in fact Australian correctional centres are leading the way in becoming digital environments.
Inmates are being taught literacy, numeracy and basic computer skills through specialised cloud software. The software means they can move away from traditional paper-based learning to online training.  

Industry Insights - Electrotechnology

Electrotechnology is a fast growing and heavily technical industry with the promise of further expansion. The industry is being transformed by a surge of new technologies and innovations such as home automation, intelligent systems for managing energy consumption, and renewable technologies.

Project activity updates on the IRC projects listed below have been posted on our AIS website since the last newsletter.

Public Safety
Transport and Logistics

Upcoming Meetings - 2019
Public Safety
Transport and Logistics
13 June
1 August
8 August
14 August
15 August
22 August
27 August
29 August
19 September


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