Subject: Good Reasons to make meditation part of your life

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Letter from Karina Stewart

Consciously improving our health

A meditation practice or a mindfulness practice is an effective and timeless path to enhance our health and wellbeing on many different levels. However, it is a common misconception that meditation is something which is beyond our reach or requires a special skill that we do not possess or cannot learn. In reality, we can all learn and enjoy the benefits of meditation if we set realistic goals for our practice.

What is meditation?

In its most elemental form, meditation is a practice where we consciously ‘watch’ what is happening internally whilst remaining in a state of deep relaxation. Essentially, we are observing the thoughts and feelings that arise, without adding any attachment, preference or judgement. Some people may think of meditation as a vehicle that can transport them to another place. But the goal of meditation is not a destination; it is through the practice itself that the benefits will manifest. In the video below, I talk about some of the health-related benefits of meditation and share how it has helped guide me through some of the most important decisions of my life.

More Good Reasons to Meditate

• Heightens self-awareness
• Improves concentration, clarity and focus
• Helps develop emotional intelligence
• Brings awareness to persistent thoughts/behavioural patterns
• Reduces ‘clutter’ in the mind
• Can encourage kindness and compassion
• Alleviates anxiety and calms the mind

Eating Mindfully

Our eating habits and preferences have a major impact on our physical health and appearance. Adopting a more mindful approach to eating can help you find a middle path and achieve balance between binging and fasting extremes.

Mindfulness techniques for healthy eating include:
• Listen to your body about when to ‘start’ and ‘stop’ eating based on hunger and satiety signals
• Assess whether you are ordering food from a state of ‘attachment’ or ‘anxiety and fear’. This awareness brings a balance. A healthy balance between quantity and quality is important. Lean more towards quality
• Eat small mouthfuls and be aware of the acts of chewing and swallowing
• Slow down to respect, savour and enjoy your food
• Develop a true appreciation and state of gratitude for the food and for your body’s innate wisdom during meals

Kamalaya News

Birthday Surprise for Kamalaya

Asia Spa Awards : Spa Cuisine of the Year 2018

We received a wonderful and surprising gift last week as we were happily celebrating our 13th anniversary. Kamalaya was honoured with the award for ‘Spa Cuisine of the Year’ at the 14th annual Asia Spa Awards ceremony in Hong Kong. This is the third time Kamalaya has received this accolade for its inspired and healthy cuisine which combines fundamental principles of ancient Asian healing traditions with current medical research. Our unique cuisine is the result of an ongoing collaboration between Kamalaya co-founder Karina Stewart and Culinary Director Kai Mueller and his creative kitchen team who continue to innovate with inspiring dishes that are both healing and delicious!

New Wellness Program

Structural Revival

Earlier this month we excitedly announced the arrival of our new Wellness Program, ‘Structural Revival’. This unique program is designed to realign the body and improve posture in order to reduce tension, rehabilitate injuries and re-establish the highest levels of function and vitality. Find out more about the program here.

Upcoming Retreat

Yin & Yang Yoga Immersion with Simon Low
6-10 December 2018

There’s still time to join this year’s final Yin & Yang Yoga Immersion retreat with Simon Low. This intimate group retreat is open to everyone, regardless of your previous level of experience. Develop your practice under the guidance of one of the world’s leading Yin & Yang Yoga specialists surrounded by nature in our private hillside yoga sala. Find out more information here.

Visiting Practitioners

Dr. Song Qinggeng

TCM Treatments
1 December - 27 March 2019

Susie Bowman

Mind-Body-Spirit Integration
1 - 14 December

Bai Yuting (Susu)

Rehabilitative Tui Na Massage
and Yoga
1 December - 27 April 2019

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