Subject: Ralph Kimballs Metaphor Lives On As Meta5!!

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This email is for what some of us call the "Metaphor Mafia".

These are the people who, like me, used and loved the Metaphor product brought to market by Ralph Kimball in the early 80s. 

It was called "The Data Interpretation System" but everyone just refers to both the product and company as "Metaphor" now.

Everyone knows Ralph Kimball.

But not everyone in BI knows Metaphor.

Even if you have never used Metaphor? 

You will still be interested in this email!


Because Meta5 is still the best tool to give to the "five smartest people" in your company to make more money.

It's really that simple!

If you can believe this? 

Many of the users of the old Metaphor software do not know that it lives on as the much improved Meta5!

So if you used and loved Metaphor! 

If you are part of the "Metaphor Mafia"?

Please tell your all your friends and colleagues Meta5 lives on!

Please help us make Meta5 successful again!

Please give your your friends and colleagues the home page link!


How can I say Meta5 is still the best tool to give to the "five smartest people" in your company so they can make more money for the company?

Because I was there when I saw one of the smartest guys I ever worked with come up with idea after idea on how to make his company more money. 

And after he left?

His company struggled because they had no one else who could come up with those ideas that were worth millions and millions of dollars.

Meta5 is not about giving access to data to "the masses" of people who can make no significant profit impact for your company.

Meta5 has always been about giving access to data, and a highly sophisticated suite of tools, to the "five smartest people" in your company.

They WILL come up with the "big ideas" that will "move the needle" of profit very substantially.

I have used tools like Business Objects, MicroStrategy and Cognos as well as many others. 

As great as these tools are? They are intended for use by "the masses". 

So the "five smartest people" in your company are limited to using the same tools as "the masses".

This makes no business sense at all!

Believe me, you want to give the "five smartest people" in your company Meta5 so they can make more profit for you all! 

Jim Kanzler has done some very simple videos on how Meta5 works now!

And once you have checked out that explainer video you can go in to a bit more detail of how Meta5 integrates with Office here: 
In it's day Metaphor was the difference that was making the difference in many of the worlds leading companies.

I, for one, know that there is still nothing else "out there" that will give the "five smartest people" in the company the edge they need to beat their competitors.

Just to give you the chance to see how extensive the suite of tools are with the Meta5 software I have put the manuals in my drop box.

You can gain access to them on this button:

In particular, because Excel is still the worlds number one presentation tool for business analytics? 

I want you to please browse through the Excel Integrator Manual.

Meta5 solves ALL the problems of using Excel as a business analysis tool.

If the "five smartest people" in your company complain about the issues with Excel? You have got something to give them!

So get your 30 day trial of Meta5 today and give it to the "five smartest people" in your company!


And yes, I am having the pleasure of working with Meta5 again with a customer of mine.

We are building Excel reports to be used by the "five smartest people" in the target customers!

If you would like to ask me any questions about Meta5 or other topics?

Please just hit reply and ask me questions on my email, or if you want to video conference with me I am on skype at peternolan9.


Thanks for reading! 

I wish you a great day!

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