Subject: Meditation, Music, and Good Food at Wilbur Hot Springs

September Newsletter

In 1972 I had the amazing good fortune of discovering Wilbur Hot Springs, internationally recognized, since 1865, for its natural medicinal waters. Since my first trip to California in the summer of 1967, and my life-changing experience at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, I left my position teaching psychology at the University of Michigan and was on the look-out for a hot springs in which to form a therapeutic community. Wilbur was up for sale.


“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” -Buddha

What if a life with amazing sleep, low stress, and thriving mental health was just a few breaths away?

There are thousands of studies that have shown meditation can have a positive impact on mental and physical health.

Guided Meditation with Julia Harrell
September 3-5

A meditation practice can transform your way of thinking and understanding, and help you to widen your perspectives. This enables you to respond rather than simply react, and allows you to find a flexibility and resilience in yourself that you may not have known how to access.
Guest Chef Weekend with Chef Liam
September 13-15

Liam graduated from California Culinary Academy in 2002 with an A.O.S degree with honors, following a B.A. in Literature from Stanford University. He has worked as a chef and baker for many years at Esalen Institute and catered events throughout California each summer.

Music with Sasa
September 15-16

Join us for an uplifting afternoon of inspiring music that heals and opens your heart. Saša’s voice is offering prayers for healing and greater awakening of the heart. Her music invites you back home into deeper love, joy and peace.
Guided Meditation with Anyes
September 28-29

In Latin languages the word for inhalation is "inspiration". Could it be that our connection to spirit is in our inhalation?

Sarana Yoga Retreats
September 20-22 and October 11-13

Join Sarana in 2019 for a weekend of breathing, chanting, asana and soaking in the healing mineral waters of Wilbur. Strengthen your practice while relaxing and rejuvenating your body and mind. You’ll step back from your daily routines and retreat to this sacred land, home to healing waters that have been used for renewal for centuries. The popular Sarana Yoga retreats at Wilbur always fill up fast.

Tibetan Cranial 5 day with Robert Helliesen
November 17-22

Are you ready for transformation? Come to Wilbur Hot Springs, a Sanctuary for the Self, and experience Tibetan Cranial® with Robert Helliesen. Robert is a trained Tibetan Cranial® Practitioner and will be educating and practicing exclusively at Wilbur Hot Springs this November.

A Word from our Caretakers

What does it take to keep Wilbur humming year after year? One open secret: an annual close-down, when a volunteer crew of dedicated lovers-of-Wilbur gather mid-August to spiff and shine, replace and reface, dig and organize. It’s a behind-the-scenes all-out fix fest, and last week was this year’s and it was a blast! Many friends and family came together to give our beloved Wibur some much needed TLC.


“Wilbur is one of my favorite places on Earth.
Every time I arrive I feel an immediate release.
The grounds and waters are so healing.
I find myself getting caught in the amazing "return to yourself" discount (if you return within 30 days you get a discount) and love it!!
I cannot wait until my next trip up.
(And no cell service is truly a blessing!)”

 -- Amy S on Tripadvisor
Wilbur Hot Springs, 3375 Wilbur Springs Road, Wilbur Springs, CA 95987, United States
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