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Send us your most gorgeous photos of your pets! Winning pets will be featured in our new PDX Pet Calendar 2019 or hung on our walls for all to see, and you’ll also receive a gift certificate for $50!
Don't forget to tag your photos with those three things in this photo so we can find them!
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The First Way to Win: Your pet will be featured in the first edition of the PDX Pet Calendar!
I’m excited to tell you how this calendar came about. Recently, the owners of 12 local independent pet supply stores met to discuss the need to come together in a cooperative effort to promote the value of independently owned local stores over big box store chains such as Petco and Mud Bay. Especially Mud Bay. They currently have 51 stores and undoubtedly more coming, and they choose locations that directly compete with Portland’s currently established independently owned local stores. They’re a legitimate threat to our survival. We believe that cookie cutter stores and rudimentary employee training programs are no match for the quality care and advice you receive from educated and experienced independent stores.
We also believe that locally owned independent stores are the at the very heart of what makes Portland a special place to live, and we want to preserve that.
This group of stores has provided over 100 years of combined service to the Greater Portland area. We’re here because we truly care about what we do, and want to remind the Greater Portland area to please support their locally owned independent businesses.

The stores in the group are: The Filling Station, whose owner made this idea a reality, Meat, Tres Bone, Fang Pet & Garden Supply, Salty’s, 3 Paws, Healthy Pets NW, Dog River Pet Supplies opening soon in Hood River, and Green Dog Pet Supply. This fun 2019 calendar is our first cooperative effort!

Each of the 12 stores will have a page, and all stores are donating the proceeds to a rescue of their choice. Ours will be going to Underdog Railroad Rescue!

The 2nd way to win: We are badly in need of new artwork in the store, and we want to see your most beautiful photos, especially those that feature your pet in natural Oregon habitats!

Post your beautiful photos by Nov 18th to win!

This year’s Holiday Fest on NE Fremont St (brought to you by the Beaumont Business Association) is being held on Friday December 7th from 3:30 to 7:30pm. 
There will be a big Christmas Tree on the Foot Traffic Lawn, a wreath decorating contest (you vote on neighborhood businesses’ wreaths and enter your ballot to win a prize!) Many businesses will have treats and sales, and Santa Claus will hopefully be available for photos in two places: Santa will definitely be at Peak Mortgage from 4-7pm (reserve your time here) but Santa Paws may or may not be visiting Green Dog. Our last Santa moved out of town, but one of our regular customers saved the day by recruiting a fabulous new Santa! However, we’re still having trouble finding a volunteer photographer. Let us know if you want to save the day! If Santa Paws is happening, you will be able to reserve a spot using the link above. We should know within a few days. We will ask for a voluntary $10 donation that will be donated to the Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank’s Emergency Medical Care Fund for low income pet owners.
A little local tip: Paperjam Press can make your holiday Santa photos into beautiful holiday cards!


The beginning of November kicks off our holiday cat and dog food drives! November is for the kitties - our cat food drive will be going on for the whole month of November. Food that you donate will be given to people who trap and transport their feral cats to the Feral Cat Coalition for spay and neuter procedures. The donated food will be a nice thank you to them for getting these animals fixed and will help with feeding costs for these cats they look after.
We do holiday food drives a little differently than many other stores. Some stores will just encourage you to add a bag of food to your purchase to be donated, perhaps giving you a 10% discount on that food. This means they still make a profit on this “donation”. We don’t think that’s the right thing to do. We choose to offer one good quality but inexpensive brand of food available to purchase AT OUR COST - we don’t make a penny on it. We also work out a deal with that food’s manufacturer and our distributor to donate another 2 bags for every 12 we’ve sold.
So, for the month of November, we’ll be featuring First Mate’s Grain Friendly Cat Food in two sizes to be purchased for donation to the FCC. At the register, you can simply add a small or large bag of First Mate Cat to your order (you choose between a 5lb bag for $7.99, or a 13.2lb bag for $16.99) and we’ll take care of the rest. At the end of the month we make one big order for all of the bags you have donated, including extra bags donated by us, to be delivered to the organization in need. Last year we were able to donate over 500lbs of food!


As a Green store, we love locally owned companies who use locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. Small Batch has that in spades! One of the owners lives right down the street from the store, and they produce their foods for the NW market in Oregon (the treats are made in CA). They specialize in humanely raised, pasture-fed animals and organic veggies in whole food (synthetic-free) formulas. Their new freeze dried raw mini bites are a great way to add valuable whole food nutrients to any heat processed diets like kibble, or to use as high value training treats. Check out the ingredients here
Their new Jerky treats are going over like gang busters! They use single ingredients gently dried in a USDA human food facility with nothing added. Read more here. What a treat!

Newsletter Special! For the month of November, mention the newsletter and get 15% off of any Small Batch Jerky Treats or Freeze Dried Mini Bites!

Many people know that catnip can create a euphoric feeling in many cats, but not others. There are actually several other plants that create this same effect, especially one called silver vine which is in the kiwi family. Interestingly, a recent study shows that more cats reacted to silver vine than to catnip, and moreover, almost 75 percent of the catnip non-responders responded to silver vine. Otis likes catnip OK and mostly wants to lick it, but Silver vine really holds his interest, and even stimulates him to play with soft toys on his own when it’s applied to them, which is unusual for him as he prefers interactive play. He loves rubbing his face on the ends of the sticks when we hold them for him. Some cats love to chew on the sticks, which may help to keep their teeth clean, and some cats love to bat the sticks around the room. The effects of Silver vine seem strongest for Otis when he doesn’t smell it every day. Every few days we pull out a silver vine-sprinkled toy or one of the sticks and it’s all new again. 
We’ve brought in a locally made silver vine/catnip blend in small “dime bags” for you to try and in 1oz containers for those that want more. We also have a multi-pack of sticks from the same Washington company, nested in dried silver vine leaf, and very soon we'll have a cloud shaped soft toy that comes with a little tin of finely ground plain silver vine that you can sprinkle onto the cloud or onto other toys.
If your cat hasn’t enjoyed catnip, or even if she loves catnip, you should really give silver vine a try. Happy playtime, kitties!

Newsletter Special! For the month of November, mention the newsletter and get 15% off of any Silvervine product!

We love Stella and Chewy’s for their well-sourced ingredients (Grass Fed & Cage Free meats and Organic Veggies) and we love Tetra Pak boxes whenever we can get them. They’re recyclable in PDX curbside, and unlike cans, they protect the food from nasty chemicals like BPA/BPF. They’re lighter and more space efficient to box up and ship so they use fewer fossil fuels, and they’re so handy to use. You can easily refold the top down and pop them back in the fridge with no muss, no fuss, no lids needed. Check out the 6 new flavors of stews here and Broth Toppers here.
Starting Thursday, while supplies last, buy any bag of Stella and Chewy's baked kibbles and get a free box of Turkey Stew or Beef Bone Broth.

We love Green Juju! We try to make sure every customer knows that adding fresh whole foods to processed food diets is crucial for helping to meet our furkids’ nutritional needs. Green Juju, another fantastic local company (made in Washington), makes beautiful mixes of finely minced organic veggies (to break down otherwise undigestible plant materials and allow your pet to access the nutrition within). They combine these with organic bone broths, organic fruits and organic herbs to help add antioxidants, vitamins, and collagen to your pet’s meals. They’ve come out with a second fabulous formula called "Bailey’s Blend". We especially like it as it is a bit milder tasting than their original formula, so it may have better chances for the truly picky. (Start small with them for better success). Most dogs love both formulas!
New Blog Post

Some quick tips for using Kongs during busy holiday times when you need those dogs to be quiet and occupied, and some suggestions for novel ingredients to freeze inside to make them last. Check it out

- Wonderly Cocktail Bar opening in old Cha Cha Cha space. More here
- Cully poised to be food hub. More here
- Fix it Fair Coming! Nov 17th. These are free events where you can learn simple ways to save money and stay healthy at home. Also simple sewing and small appliance repair - Bike repair - Personal financial consultation - HIV and lead blood screenings - Childcare - Lunch - Raffle prizes - Great giveaways - And more! More here.
$20 Fear Free Nail Trims At Green Dog!

Don't forget the next Trailblazing Tails Nail Trim session with a vet tech and a positive trainer is on November 18th from 2-4pm!
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