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November 11, 2019
Tuesday November 12 1:36PM UTC
Full Moon again, and the usual conflict until there is either some agreement or settlement or a split occurs. The Moon in Taurus is confronted by Sun/Mercury in Scorpio. Under a fixed, negative-polarity Sun/Moon opposition, words are cheap. Money talks. Substance matters. Evidence of character is critical. Privacy is crucial.

Keeping a grounded perspective on how the world works, despite our tendencies to seek solace in magic and superstition, is important.

In all respects, we benefit by keeping our affairs pragmatic and real. Balancing a shrewd sense of what things are worth with a determination to get the most out of them empowers and enriches us, giving us strength to tackle the big problems, fight the big fights with the meanest foes.

All this determination and rigidity does have its drawbacks though. Thinking that ours is the best, our power the greatest, our opinion the only correct one, can bring us into bitter disputes. When we come into any situation with preconceived notions, it messes with our judgement. Being mindful to stay objective, to leave our prejudices out of the equation will help tremendously.

Naturally, being extremely realistic, even a little cynical, is necessary at times. It gives us a much deeper understanding of our situation and where we stand in the scheme of things. Problems arise when we choose to share what we are thinking, especially what’s eating us about others. Then things can turn from supposedly calm and serene to a state of anguish and interminable frustration. But feelings must be shared, or we may implode.

Until the situation is resolved, and it will take some confession, it will eat away at us. So no good bottling up our feelings, letting them stew. Let’s get whatever’s on our mind off our chest, sharing our thoughts honestly and openly so that we can move on. Only our dogged obstinacy and inflexibility can hold back our progress. Dislodging rigid, one-sided convictions and feelings will again give us a renewed, refreshed resolve and purpose.

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