Subject: 📬 IBI News! Can A Navision ERP Staging Area Be Built In Just One Week? Read On!

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And today that "valuable thing to say" is this...

Some time ago I talked about working with some colleagues on building staging areas for ERPs much more quickly than ever before.

Three years ago we were able to build a staging area for Microsofts Navision ERP in just 10 days. 


Well? Recently my colleagues had to build another staging area from scratch for the same customer...

And they were able to do it in 5 days.

This is over 1,800 tables and over 35,000 fields.

Because it is the Navision ERP they used the timestamp field to perform the extract for the latest inserts and updates.

I have gone over their work and I can see how they have done this.

They are using their own branded version of #SeETL.

So, if you are using MicroSofts Navision ERP and you would like to have a properly built Staging Area extracting 100% of the data in your Navision System? 

All with proper delta detection and adding the extra flags we routinely add in #SeETL for the staging area?

I am able to build that for you for the very modest offer of USD2,000 (plus your local taxes if applicable). 

I am very sure that I can copy their work and build you a Navision ERP Staging area in a week or so. 

After that you would have the run time to populate the staging area.

The offer price will only be for the first 5 companies to issue letters of intent subject to full disclosure and discussion on exactly how such a staging area can be built in such a short time.

The offer will include:
  1. All the #SeETL source code. (Already available)
  2. All the views needed to create the workbooks.
  3. All the workbooks needed to create the staging area.
  4. The actual creation of the staging area.
  5. The schedule needed to run the extraction process.
  6. The #SeETL scheduler to run the extraction process.
In short, what I can offer you for USD2,000 is to create a Navision ERP staging area with 100% of your Navision data in it.

Including the required flags to pass through to the Data Warehouse.

Including being executable on a batch processing basis via the #SeETL scheduler. 

For the client in production the run time per extraction cycle through to the staging area is about one hour.

From there you might want to support daily running and changes using your own staff or existing systems integrator. 

If you wish? You could get my colleagues to support your daily processing for a low monthly fee.

This Navision ERP Staging area is being built as part of the development of a Navision BI Solution.

Of course, if you know other people who use Navision as their ERP?

By all means let them know that this offer is out there in the public and available!

Getting a staging area for an ERP for USD2,000 is quite something.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you would like here on my email or on skype at peternolan9.


I wish you a great day!

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PS. You can download our open source and free #SeETL Software from here. This is the software I wrote to be able to deliver data warehouses faster, cheaper, better than anyone else. 

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