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Silver Skates (1943)
Starring Kenny Baker and Belita

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Silver Skates was designed to showcase Monogram's latest discovery, ice-skating star Belita. The minimalist plot concerns the romance between Danny (Kenny Baker), featured vocalist for Belita's skating revue, and Claire (Patricia Morrison), the debt-ridden owner of the show. Comedy relief is provided by Joyce Compton and Frank Faylen as Lucille and Eddie, whose foredoomed moneymaking schemes punctuate the action from time to time. Among the skating stars featured throughout the film are little Irene Dare and the legendary Frick & Frack. Silver Skates proved profitable for Monogram, though Belita was no threat to the predominance of 20th Century-Fox's Sonja Henie.
Director: Leslie Goodwins

Writer: Jerome Cady

Stars: Kenny Baker, Belita, Patricia Morison, Frick And Frack, Irene Dare, Danny Shaw, Eugene Turner, Joyca Compton, George Stewart, JoAnn Dean
Songs include:

A Girl Like You, a Boy Like Me
Written by Dave Oppenheim and Roy Ingraham
Sung by Kenny Baker and Patricia Morison with the Ted Fio Rito Orchestra

Love Is a Beautiful Song
Written by Dave Oppenheim and Roy Ingraham
Sung by Kenny Baker with the Ted Fio Rito Orchestra

Lovely Lady
Written by Dave Oppenheim and Archie Gottler
Sung by Kenny Baker with the Ted Fio Rito Orchestra

Dancing on Top of the World
Written by Dave Oppenheim and Roy Ingraham

Victory Party
Written by Dave Oppenheim and Roy Ingraham

Calling from the Mountain
Written by Dave Oppenheim and Roy Ingraham

The tall, gorgeous ice skater Belita, who was also a wonderful ballerina, stars in this skateathon, "Silver Skates," that has a story here and there. Basically, an ice show owner (Patricia Morison) is desperate to save her show, which will fail badly once Belita leaves to get married. Help comes in the form of a pint-sized war orphan from Holland.
Gene Turner, a two-time national figure skating champion, was the other skating star. He doubled for Cary Grant in 'The Bishop's Wife.'"  Turner toured with Sonja Henie, was a U.S. medal winner in single skating, pairs skating, and ice dancing, worked as a coach for 60 years, and also wrote a column for a skating magazine. He never competed in the Olympics because during his years of competition, the Olympics were subject to cancellation due to World War II, plus he was busy flying 60 missions over France.
Apart from their skating techniques, the biggest difference between these two ladies on screen was their personalities. Henie always played a 'good girl' type: a frosted ice-virgin who didn't seem aware of her own nubile appeal. Belita, on the other hand, was sexy and she knew it. There's a big production number in 'Silver Skates' in which Belita does some spectacular ice-dancing, then she finishes by striking a proud pose at the centre of the rink and running her hands down the front of her own shapely torso while she throws her head backwards in rapture. This is clearly a lady who's very comfortable with her own body.
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Brigham Young (1940)

Stars: Tyrone Power, Linda Darnell, Dean Jagger, Brian Donlevy, Jane Darwell, John Carradine, Mary Astor, Vincent Price, Jean Rogers

Inspired by the true story of the leader of the Mormon Church, this film features Dean Jagger in the title role. The members of the Church of Latter Day Saints are subjected to religious persecution by the people of Nauvoo, Illinois, where they've settled; so under the leadership of Brigham Young, the Mormons head west, facing tremendous adversity along the way. However, a gravely ill Young has a prophetic dream in which he sees what he believes is his people's promised land, where they will be allowed to live and worship as they see fit. Soon they discover the land Young saw in his dream -- Salt Lake City, Utah. Young and his followers settle there, but their hardship does not end soon. The first winter in Utah is cruel, and while the spring brings the promises of a bountiful planting season, soon a plague of locusts appears, threatening to devour the crops the settlers have just planted. A huge flock of seagulls arrives to save the day by consuming the insects. Tyrone Power and Linda Darnell play a pair of settlers who fall in love in the course of the journey. Brigham Young downplays the more controversial aspects of the Mormon church (particularly polygamy) in favor of portraying Young as a trail-blazing man of the land; in some markets, the film was shown as Brigham Young, Frontiersman.
Bright Eyes (1934)

Stars: Shirley Temple, James Dunn, Jane Darwell, Judith Allen, Lois Wilson, Charles Sellon, Jane Withers, Theodore von Eltz

Despite stiff competition like Poor Little Rich Girl and Heidi, Bright Eyes is arguably the best of Shirley Temple's 1930s vehicles. The little curly-top is cast as Shirley Blake, daughter of Mary Blake (Lois Wilson), the widowed housemaid of snooty J. Wellington and Anita Smythe (Theodore Von Eltz and Dorothy Christy). Though continually terrorized by the Smythe's obnoxious, doll-destroying daughter Joy (Jane Withers), Shirley finds comfort in the fact that she is the darling of the airplane-pilot buddies of her late father. Especially fond of our heroine is flyboy Loop Merritt, who arranges a birthday party for the girl. Alas, even as Shirley sings "On the Good Ship Lollipop" to a gathering of beaming airmen, her mother Mary is run over by a car while shopping for her daughter's birthday cake. It thus becomes Loop's painful duty to tell Shirley that her mother "cracked up," just like her father did (if this scene doesn't move the viewer to tears, the viewer is made of granite). Fortunately, the Smythe's irascible Uncle Ned takes a liking to Shirley, securing her financial future at the expense of his repulsive relatives. But before this happy ending can come about, Shirley must be rescued from an imperiled passenger plane by the resourceful Loop. Though Shirley Temple is inarguably the main drawing card in Bright Eyes, 9-year-old Jane Withers is equally terrific as the pint-sized "villainess"; indeed, some critics felt that Withers stole the show, and it was this as much as anything else that earned Withers her own starring series at 20th Century-Fox.

Bright Leaf (1950)

Stars: Gary Cooper, Lauren Bacall, Patricia Neal, Jack Carson, Donald Crisp, Gladys George, Elizabeth Patterson, Jeff Corey

Bright Leaf, a sprawling saga of the tobacco industry in North Carolina, began as a novel by Foster Fitzsimmons, a native Carolinian who for many years taught at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill's theatre department. The film version of Bright Leaf has been simplified and reshaped to serve as a traditional Gary Cooper vehicle. Cooper stars as tenant farmer Brant Royle, who after being driven from his home town by autocratic tobacco tycoon Major Singleton (Donald Crisp) returns in triumph with a revolutionary cigarette-making machine. Royle's streamlined techniques soon drive Singleton out of business. Margaret Singleton (Patricia Neal), Royle's old flame, agrees to marry him to save her father from ruin--whereupon the Major commits suicide. The vengeful Margaret then does everything she can to destroy Royle. The question remaining: can Brant Royle save himself and find ultimate happiness with his true love, Sonia Kovac (Lauren Bacall)? Also appearing in Bright Leaf are Jack Carson as Royle's flamboyant business partner Chris Malley and Jeff Corey as John Barton, the inventor of the "miracle" cigarette-making apparatus.
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Hayley Mills' (Spring Tyler's) first on-screen kiss. This movie was based on a 1921 novel by Henry De Vere Stacpoole, titled "Satan: A Romance of the Bahamas". Much of the plot, and all of the characters are in the book, with a few name changes. Spring was "Jude Tyler" in the book. The biggest character change was dropping her brother Satan Tyler, and turning him into her father Tommy Tyler, probably so Sir John Mills could play the father. But the boat Sarah Tyler, the villains Carkez and Cleary, the adventures, events, and much of the dialogue are all there on the pages of the novel, and lovers of the movie should enjoy reading it. Despite being set in the Caribbean, this movie was filmed off the coast of Spain. Hayley Mills, John Mills, James MacArthur, Lionel Jeffries, Harry Andrews, Niall MacGinnis
James Garner
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