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We are delighted to recommend the following books from the independent publishing sector.
Best Independent Books October 31
Gray Wolf
(Book One of the Legends of Ansu series)

by J.W. Webb

When his parents are murdered and his sister is taken by raiders, Corin an Fol’s world crashes in on him. Wild and willful, he joins the elite Wolf Regiment but swiftly falls foul of its swordmaster, the brutal Taskala.

The regiment becomes embroiled in a vicious civil war between the sultan of Permio and rebel tribesmen. Corin, caught in the treacherous power play between rival factions and corrupt leaders, struggles to survive. Torn between his quest for vengeance and growing hatred for the sadistic Taskala, Corin has to intervene when the woman he loves becomes the latest target of Taskala’s wrath.

Gray Wolf is the first of six fantasy novels featuring Corin an Fol, a man chosen by the gods to walk a dark path.

I found the storyline well written and it drew me in and kept me interested throughout. The characters are well developed and enjoyable. — Goodreads

Honors: seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy

ISBN: 978-0998773643

by J. Giambrone 

When Supernaturals are implicated in terrorism, the world is conditioned to look the other way, except for one dying boy with nothing to lose. In a world where reclusive Supernaturals are in touch with dark matter, humans have spread out and claimed the Earth. But with the ascendancy of Dragomir as interim president of the Council of Power, everything is about to change.

Steven Arkin was human, but now he is the world’s only ex-human Supernatural. Discovered in a car wreck by a radical physicist, he became the greatest ‘lab rat’ our species has produced.

10-year-old D’Andre Walker spends his last days watching television in the Bronx Children’s Hospital. But when a rare incident appears on screen, he becomes involved. The collateral damage — a murdered baby — appears to implicate Supernaturals. Are they the bad guys or the heroes? When D'Andre is randomly selected to meet Steven Arkin through the Wish to Dream Foundation, he speaks out about the baby in front of the media, throwing Dragomir’s entire Supernatural new world order into disarray.

Honors: seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Children’s

ISBN: 978-1644560495

If You Were Me and Lived in... Italy
(Book 21 of the series A Child’s Introduction to Cultures around the World)

by Carole P. Roman

In this book, the author visits Italy. She describes what it’s like to live in Rome, to see the famous architecture, and to celebrate a favorite holiday. She reveals popular names for Italian boys and girls.

She recounts the country’s diverse and rich history and colorful traditions. There are also opportunities to pick up a few words of Italian along the way.

The book touches on many familiar topics, such as currency, popular games, sport and food, as well as the sights and sounds that come with living in Italy.

The descriptions are detailed and informative, making it easy for young readers to comprehend and enjoy the book. The illustrations are charming... — Readers’ Favorite

Honors: Finalist, Children’s – Educational, International Book Awards; seen on CBS and NBC

Recognition for Author: Best Series, Shelf Unbound Awards, 2015; Winner, Children’s Interest, Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards, 2015; Bronze Medal, Children’s Non-Fiction Series, Moonbeam, 2017; Best Series, Purple Dragonfly Book Awards, 2018

Category: Children’s

ISBN: 978-1519241412 

Mike Saves the Day
(Book One of the Pufferfish Adventures series)

by J.T. Hobbs

Mike’s friends, Sam Squid and Casey Clam, may not be the prettiest of creatures, but they are cool and happy about who they are. Mike, however, doesn’t feel good about himself. He’s a pufferfish, you see, and some people think pufferfish are the ugliest fish, right?

In this book, Mike goes on an adventure of self-discovery. He uses his spikes and the ability to blow up like a balloon to save his friends from a horrible beast.

He comes to realize that he has special things that are part of who he is. He learns to appreciate that being a pufferfish isn’t so bad after all. He finally comes to love himself.

Honors: seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Children’s

ISBN: 978-1733983747

Next Level Cybersecurity:
Detect the Signals, Stop the Hack

by Sai Huda

In this game-changing book, the author — recognized globally as a risk and cybersecurity expert — asks can anything be done to stop the hack. The answer is reassuring. Intensive reviews of the world’s largest hacks uncovered the secret is to detect attackers’ signals early. This book reveals what those signals are and shows how to detect them.

This book explains in detail the Top 15 signals of cyber attackers’ behavior and activity. It shows how how these signals can detect the attackers. In reveal case studies, he outlines how these signals were missed and could have detected the attackers in some of the world’s largest hacks.

The author provides a seven-step guide to implementing the signals.With this method, attackers will be detected early, the hack will be stopped, and damage will be prevented.

Honors: seen on ABC, Boston Business Journal, Market Watch, NBC and Yahoo Finance

Category: Business

ISBN: 978-1943386413 

In case you missed the books featured in the last newsletter, here they are again:
Homeschooling: You Can Do It!
by Kirsten McTernan

This book answers many burning questions about homeschooling while giving practical help in a new and easy-to-implement way. It is a reliable and relatable source with step-by-step guidance through the decision-making process. It shows how to homeschool children of any age successfully.

The book is filled with tried-and-tested homeschool hacks, easy-to-follow action steps, personal stories and valuable homeschool resources — all in a style that speaks straight to the heart.

The author explains why she decided to homeschool her children after thinking she’d never do it. She explains that it’s not necessary to be a supermom to homeschool. She provides simple strategies for selecting curriculum and for planning, and other practical skills.

A well-researched, Christ-centered, informative and helpful book — Goodreads

Honors: seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Health, Family & Lifestyle

ISBN: 978-1732428515 

The 5 Stages to Entrepreneurial Success:
what every entrepreneur should know about dominating your market

by John North

The common question as to what makes a successful entrepreneur starts a whole conversation about the definition of success. The author maintains that success isn’t only about making money. Most people start a business for the freedom they expect it to give them. The cold, hard reality is that most entrepreneurs end up working longer hours and for a lot less than a typical wage.

The author asks what the secret is that helps the budding entrepreneur become successful. There are no real shortcuts to success, of course, there are exceptions to the rule. It’s a matter of being at the right place at the right time. But often even the overnight success stories actually have a hard-luck backstory and years of failure and frustration.

This book is about the process, strategy and implementation of entrepreneurial ideas. The author shows in five stages a viable success path, and explains the mindset necessary for achieving success.

Honors: seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Business

ISBN: 978-1979285773

Time of Destruction
by John Meyer

This book begins in 2085 with an explosive first chapter, and continues at a fast pace as Arthur Helman, CEO of Lunarcom, which has used solar-powered satellites to become the world’s largest electric production company, plots the destruction of Hydroteck, its biggest competitor.

In the midst of this competition, a catastrophic destructive force strikes the Earth, catapulting two Hydroteck engineers, Austin Johnson and Jerry Sheryl, into a time paradox. As Johnson and Sheryl move back and forth in time between 2085 and 2245, they become entangled with Helman, as they search on the Moon, Earth and the L-4 space colony for the cause of the catastrophe.

Understanding the cause is the key to preventing the time of destruction and saving billions of lives.

The idea behind the plot is sound and new... a well-written story... — Readers’ Favorite

Honors: seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1517360559

The Joy of Obstacles
by Kathryn Johnson

This book is a journey of discovery, deeper understanding, gratitude and fulfillment. The author learned to see the joy in obstacles from a very early age. She was born with cerebral palsy. She sees this circumstance as a gift and a vehicle for profound understanding of what each experience has to offer. She is inspired to share her message so others can live with joy and pass on wisdom.

The book is intended to help people to feel motivated and inspired, experience greater joy, face challenges with curiosity and a positive outlook, move through changes in life more easily, and find deeper meaning in life’s challenges.

The author gives an honest look at her challenges and victories and what she has learned from them. Each chapter concludes with an opportunity to “celebrate the silver lining”. These simple exercises help people to assess their perspectives on obstacles.

Honors: seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Self-Help

ISBN: 978-1720137993

The Growth Hacking Book
by Parul Agrawal and Rohan Chaubey

Curated by GrowthMedia.AI, this book features more than 35 marketing experts, trailblazing entrepreneurs, industry thought leaders and successful companies from all over the globe.

The expert contributors share radical ideas on how to grow a business using unconventional marketing strategies. Each chapter is a treasure trove of growth ideas that businesses in the Valley try to shield from the public. But they’re not secrets anymore.

This book explores the concept of growth hacking. It describes the best growth strategies from growth hackers for growth hackers. It explains the mindset, skillset and toolset for growth marketers. In this book, the authors identify and analyze growth channels, and examine the future of growth marketing.

The authors... have beautifully compiled a step-by-step guide... for early stage entrepreneurs, content creators and businesses. — Goodreads

Honors: seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Business

ISBN: 978-1733095556

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