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Shoot The Works (1934)
Starring Jack Oakie and Ben Bernie

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The Ben Hecht-Gene Fowler Broadway flop The Great Magoo formed the basis of the 1934 Paramount comedy Shoot the Works. Jack Oakie stars as seedy sideshow barker Nicky, who uses everyone he meets to get ahead. Nicky isn't even above exploiting his singing sweetheart Lily (Dorothy Dell) to suit his purposes, but this time it is he who ends up the loser -- at least until he gets wise to himself. Bandleader-comedian Ben Bernie and perennial second lead Arline Judge contribute a few laughs, but the hit of the show is gorgeous Dorothy Dell, who tragically died in a car crash just before this film was released. Shoot the Works was remade by Bob Hope as Some Like It Hot (1939).
Director: Wesley Ruggles

Writers: Claude Binyon, Gene Fowler (play), Howard J. Green, Ben Hecht

Stars: Jack Oakie, Ben Bernie, Dorothy Dell, Alison Skipworth, Roscoe Karns, Arline Judge, William Frawley
Songs include:

With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming
Music by Harry Revel
Lyrics by Mack Gordon

Were Your Ears Burning
Music by Harry Revel
Lyrics by Mack Gordon

In the Good Old Winter Time
Music by Harry Revel
Lyrics by Mack Gordon and Harold Adamson

A Bowl of Chop Suey and You-ey
Written by Ben Bernie, Alyce Goering and Walter Bullock

Take a Lesson from the Lark
Music by Ralph Rainger
Lyrics by Leo Robin

Do I Love You?
Music by Ralph Rainger
Lyrics by Leo Robin

Before this movie was released in July 1934, two of its actors had died. Lew Cody died of heart disease on 31 May 1934, and 19-year-old Dorothy Dell was killed in a car accident eight days later.
The film was released on June 29, 1934, by Paramount Pictures, preceding by three days the most rigorously enforced version of the Hollywood Production Code, which came into effect on July 1, 1934.
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Rogues' Regiment (1948)

Even when decked out in a Foreign Legion uniform, Dick Powell looked, talked and acted like an urban private eye. In Rogues' Regiment, American secret agent Whit Corbett (Dick Powell) joins the Legion in order to track down Nazi war criminal Carl Reicher (Stephen McNally) in French Indo-China. Hampering his search is a native uprising which consumes most of the film's running time. Vincent Price contributes an amusingly despicable supporting role as Mark Van Ratten, an erudite art collector who sidelines in gunrunning. Though Dick Powell doesn't get to sing (not that he really wanted to!), leading-lady Marta Toren offers two sultry nightclub numbers.

Max Ophüls was hoping to direct the film but was passed over in favour of Robert Florey. The film was first announced in November 1947 with writer-producer Robert Buckner saying he was inspired by stories of former Nazis enlisting in the French Foreign Legion. In particular he researched the disappearance of Martin Bormann. Edmond O'Brien was originally announced as star. It was made shortly after the production of another film about the French Foreign Legion, Outpost in Morocco. Burt Lancaster was sought for a supporting part. In March 1948 it was announced Universal signed Dick Powell to play the lead. Edmond O'Brien dropped out of the film to make a movie with Deanna Durbin. It was meant to be the 60th film directed by Robert Florey at Universal.  Dick Powell, Märta Torén, Vincent Price, Stephen McNally, Edgar Barrier, Carol Thurston, Philip Ahn

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