Subject: Sadge New Moon: Yes, follow the way of truth but who is the guru who is true and who's just trying to screw you for their own private revenue? (and why you should listen to just you)

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November 26, 2019
Greetings Fellow Travellers,

In the year’s penultimate lunation cycle before next month’s Capricorn/Cancer eclipses, we are afforded a chance to observe a series of phenomenal planetary patterns that could be a game-changer to all prior hopes and expectations for how this year might turn out for us. These are indicated very strongly by some of the more eccentric aspects to this New Moon. As always, how they play out for your own sign depends on the level of awareness which you invest in making your intention.

In the latest episode of the Cosmic Bus Video Report, Ang discusses:
  • Sagittarius - both the unconscious(Lunar) and conscious(Solar) manifestations; 
  • the conjunction of Sun/Moon at 04°♐03' and the body/soul coherence necessary to make one's wholehearted intention ring true; 
  • one's language, understanding and knowledge of "truth"; 
  • the truth in context to societies and structures of belief and governance; the growing state of division, separation and control; 
  • gurus, fakirs & fakers; 
  • the new truth; how to liberate yourself from the linear constraints of time/space; 
  • and much much more...
For the next few weeks, this fiery little bunny-boiler will either bring out the BEST or WORST in all those of us who become inflamed, upset or somehow threatened. Why? Because Scorpio is extreme and a dignified Mars is not exactly known for his timidity...

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THE WEEK AHEAD (Nov. 25-Dec. 01)
  • Mercury in Scorpio, now direct, poses increasingly complex legal/existential issues after remaining in a stationed semisquare to Jupiter for the past week. Plunging into any situation before getting all the facts straight has its price.
  • Venus becomes the first of the inner planets to enter the austere Capricorn this year, and we either begin to sober up fast or take a much more abstemious attitude about what it’s all worth to us.
  • Tuesday’s NEW MOON in early Sagittarius (04°♐03′) has us hand raised, swearing to tell the truth, the whole truth… or at least not to exaggerate.
  • Neptune stations to go direct Wednesday and we begin to look at the past 11 months, assessing whether it was all just an illusion or indeed a manifestation of our heart’s most cherished dreams.
  • Sun passes over the Saturn/Pluto (Semisquare) and refusal from authorities to allow new concepts and theories causes them to prod the public with any restrictive means possible, resulting in adverse reactions.
  • The last of this year’s series Lunar Occultations to Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto occurs this Friday, revealing even more clues on a hidden conspiracy to siphon humanity’s resources, mainly by those presiding over the highest positions in global law, religion, government and corporate power.

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