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Summer 2020

Beyond the veil of illusion

This Summer we invite  you
 to see yourself as a creator 
and to go beyond the veil of illusion.

Summer classes

Seeing yourself as a creator and going beyond the veil of illusion
For a lot of people, life is difficult and full of roller coaster experiences, and they are seeing themselves as victims, saying “poor me, I am so unlucky“, but when you awake to who you really are, a consciousness, a soul, you recognize you are responsible for your own journey. Then you finally let go of all victim consciousness and stop blaming, judging, hating and projecting onto others.

This is the moment at which you take mastery of your life and, going out of victim state, you ask yourself why you have attracted the situation or event into your life and you start to work on yourself to change your inner Being. As you transform yourself, the outer world is going to reflect this.

Since I began teaching The Body Mirror System and The Vision Workshop 30 years ago, the acceptance levels have increased towards the basic idea of these methods - created by Martin Brofman - telling us that we are each a creator and everything begins in our consciousness. There have always been parts of the society open to these ideas, although now, with the popularity of healing methods, the idea is more widely accepted within the mainstream parts of society. While at first, examples like Martin Brofman’s own healing were considered extraordinary, there are more and more people who have done the same thing, either healing themselves, or being healed with various non-physical tools.

According to Quantum Theory, the observer of an event affects the event, depending on how they observe it – showing the power of consciousness over events in the physical world. This reinforces the understanding in consciousness exploration that our perceptions create our reality.
We are spiritual Beings existing in a physical Universe – so that the more we understand both, and how they interact, the more we understand ourselves and the true nature of who we are.

We are currently in a period of time where outer events are difficult, reflecting a lot of tension in the human group consciousness and a bounce against the membrane between the Solar Plexus Chakra and the Heart Chakra, to move from Control to Acceptance. We have to ask ourselves why we attracted this experience and we can see these events designed to stimulate a change, if it does not happen in a gentler manner.
There are more and more individuals voicing and demonstrating their displeasure at feeling controlled by people that have not been representing the interests of the group and the individuals in the group consciousness.
Evolution anyway is inevitable. For the process of evolution to be more gentle, it needs for people to jump out of the victim role, not only by raising their perceptions to the heart chakra and looking at everybody, including themselves, with more compassion, acceptance, seeing the entire world and all the perpetrators of injustice with eyes of love. We each are on this path of our own evolution, and we can experience life through deeper places in our consciousness.
We always have the choice as to whether we will interpret these events through the filter of Security, Sensation, Freedom or Power, Love, Expression or Abundance, Spirit, or Unity. We have these seven different channels on our screen and most people are still caught in the first three channels, these three first levels of our consciousness, where if a person is experiencing tensions, thus they see the world through a filter of insecurity, or are emotionally trapped, or want to impose their power or are controlling themselves. From those three first channels, they are not seeing the world the way it is, we say that they are lost in the mirroring aspects of their perceptions.
The first place we can see the world with an objective point of view is the heart chakra, looking at everybody with compassion and acceptance, more love is coming out from the heart, a bigger sense of freedom. From this level, you have a direct experience beyond the physical, you see the mirroring aspects and you begin to make the unconscious conscious. You tear the veil of illusion.
Because, until this moment of our experience, what was hypnotizing people were the work-eat-entertainment cycles and it was fascinating to see that a lot of people were not wondering what we do on this planet and had no desire for a deeper understanding of our purpose in this universe.
Everyone should know about their role as a creator, the relationship between their thoughts and emotions, and the consequences it has in their body, and the importance of living consciously. It allows you to be happier and to create consciously. I love this sentence of Martin Brofman: «It is like a User's Manual for the equipment we came to earth with, and unfortunately, until now not enough people know how to use it or why things go wrong with it. It should be taught in schools.»
As we go deeper in our consciousness, we bring more pieces to solve the puzzle, to have an understanding about our presence here on earth, our purpose. It allows us to see the events in the outer world as a co-creation of the different Spirits involved in the events or so, at the deepest part of our consciousness, we are all that there is and everything that happens in our life, and everything that happens in our body, begins with something happening in our own consciousness. Until now the vast majority of people living on the earth are violent, even if most of them can affirm the opposite because they don´t look at their thoughts, their words, their actions and don´t think of them in terms of energy sent out and having an effect on the others and on the universe itself. Therefore they don´t want peace, neither do the governments but they all prepare for wars, and in the same way religions have not given man peace, we have all created this and therefore there is no peace on earth so far.
Each of us can become a pool of silence inside, a quiet mind, being vigilant about the energy we send out and what will be the effect. Love is always the answer, neither revolution nor aggressivity nor hate nor judgment had positive results, so it´s time to do it another way. That´s the reason of our creation right now.
When there are enough people in the world understanding these concepts, taught since a long time by beings we call enlightened, they will help themselves and those around them and the world will be a better place.

The symptom of the month :  Lyme Disease
 Early symptoms of Lyme disease are similar to the flu and may include body-wide itching reflecting irritation about something happening in the person’s life; fever, indicating anger; headache, pointing to crown chakra tensions with father / authority or a sense of separation from someone close; light-headedness or fainting, reflecting root chakra tensions about money, home, job; muscle pain, pointing to a perceived lack of personal power, the person immobilizing themselves with “I can’t;” and stiff neck, reflecting the person not expressing or communicating. Loss of memory reflects root chakra tensions, anxiety, not feeling grounded, and possible tensions at home. The heart can eventually be affected, and this would reflect tensions in the area of relationships.
Next classes in English
VICTORIA, Canada - 19/20 september - Healing WE with Philippe Hannetelle

LONDON - 26/27 September - Healing WE with Annick Brofman

MONTPELLIER, France - 21/25 October - English/Français - Level 1 Healing Intensive with Philippe Hannetelle

PORTUGAL - 28 October/1st November - English/Portuguese - Level 1 Healing Intensive with Annick Brofman

MADEIRA, Portugal - 7/8 November - English/Portuguese - Vision Workshop with Anne-Birte Christensen

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Success story - Healing testimony of the month
"The first big health problem, for years was a devious disease which does not provide any pain, but little by little irreparably destroys all the organs of the body.

Diabetes had reduced an artery on one of my feet, producing constant pain for more than 5 years, not to mention the nerves that were weakened in the feet, giving a very unpleasant sensation. Medicine can do nothing more, because no possible operation for the artery, which will therefore be condemned to stay like this ...

I insisted a lot with N. the healer so that this foot pain could stop.

Her intervention for more than 10 minutes around the foot, produced the effect which I did not want to believe, however she insisted I must accept that I am healed, indeed this unbearable pain for more than 5 years has completely disappeared after two weeks, I felt it a few times but it only lasted a few minutes.

Even more surprising, my glycemic control, after 3 weeks reached records never obtained before, it is constantly positive always placed at a normal level, even if I have a very healthy diet and very very little sugar, which was also the case before.

Before N.'s intervention, the glycemic result was disappointing, discouraging, impossible to control, with very disturbing variations.

I realize that this is an absolutely incredible result (...) This strength, and this power to heal is surprising, because I mean healing, it is my case. "

N. Lyon France
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