Subject: BFFP Newsletter: Call out Ridiculous Packaging, Demand Plastic-Free Options from Amazon, Philippines Sachet Report is OUT, and more!

Call out brands for their #ridiculouspackaging

Plastic Free July perfectly highlights how common unnecessary plastic packaging is and how much of it we are surrounded by. With a little bit of effort, you begin to realize that it’s everywhere! Take a photo of any#RidiculousPackaging you see throughout your day, post it on social media, and tag the brand that created it. It’s time corporationsBreak Free From Plastic! 💪

Don’t forget to tag us too and use our hashtag #breakfreefromplastic!
Other News
Sachet packaging is NOT pro-poor!

Fact: Sachets or small packets and any other single-use plastics packaging, contribute to pollution in every stage of its lifecycle. Last week, GAIA Asia Pacific and Break Free From Plastic Asia Pacific released a report focusing on the Philippines’ sachet economy and how corporations have exploited its so-called pro-poor narrative.

#breakfreefromplastic changemaker, from GAIA Asia Pacific, Sherma Benosa said, “Let’s stop buying the big business’ pro-poor narrative. It is not that we are poor and that we buy tingi style that plastic sachets came to be; it is that companies were focused solely on profit.”

Demand Plastic-Free Packaging from Amazon!

#breakfreefromplastic members are joining  Plastic Pollution Coalition to demand  Amazon  STOP polluting our planet with pointless plastic packaging! From polystyrene packing peanuts to non-recyclable bubble wrap to plastic-wrapped pouches of air, nearly every Amazon order arrives buried in heaps of wasteful single-use plastic packaging.

We are calling on online shoppers and activists to ask Amazon for plastic-free packaging.. Will you join us?

All EU countries MUST transpose the Single-Use Plastics Directive into law!

An assessment from #breakfreefromplastic and Rethink Plastic reveals that very few EU countries are on track for timely and ambitious transposition of the EU Directive on single-use plastic. This Directive requires that EU Member States adopt a number of measures to reduce the items most commonly found in the environment and in our communities.

We urge EU countries to take rapid and comprehensive action to end pollution from single-use plastic! Asia and BFFP Asia Pacific joint Story of Plastic special screening

#breakfreefromplastic Asia Pacific and Asia joined forces for a special screening of Story of Plastic on July 30, 4:00-7:00 PM GMT+8! The film is the first feature-length documentary about the real causes of the plastic pollution crisis and the heroes who are rising up to stop big plastic and big oil. 

Join us for a virtual conversation with changemakers and communities on the frontline affected by the climate and plastic pollution crisis.

In Global Solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter

#breakfreefromplastic members will continue to speak out for Justice in deep solidarity with all the leaders and organizations who are helping advance the #BlackLivesMatter Movement. From the U.S. to South Africa to the Philippines and beyond, check out the statements of solidarity from our movement around the world.

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