Subject: June Newsletter: Virus Theory vs Exosome Theory

JUNE  2020 

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Virus Theory vs Exosome Theory
by Rick Montieth
    Last month's blog article discussed the germ theory vs terrain theory. The germ theory is what Western medicine has practiced for over 150 years with the belief that external germs or microbes invade our body and cause illness. Terrain theory says our health is all about the status of our immune system and microbiome. A well-functioning immune system and good gut health does not allow microbes to cause illness. After all, we have more viruses, bacteria, fungus and other microbes in us than we do cells. As the author Bruce Lipton says, we are walking petri dishes. This explains in every epidemic why some people have no symptoms, some have minor symptoms, some have severe symptoms, and some die. 
   What if viruses didn't exist as we believe them to be?
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