Subject: CM First Group May Newsletter

May 2020
The CM First team is excited to tee up some breaking news this month, on two fronts:

The CM evolveIT crew is busy getting ready to make an official launch announcement of the availability of CM evolveIT 11.1. Look for an announcement coming soon into your inbox by mid-June.

We're also excited to announce the Plex/2E worldwide community has a new leader, to be officially introduced at the June 10th community webcast (see Plex/2E webcast announcement below). 

If you haven't registered for the webcast yet, scroll down to the registration link and sign up. There's lots of good and useful info and interaction planned for the meeting.

- CM First Team
CA Communities June 10 Webcast
An exciting announcement is planned for the next community webinar: Roger Griffith has agreed to be the next President of the Plex/2E worldwide community.

Many in the community already know Roger. He is experienced with CA/Broadcom products from a customer engineering perspective, and brings deep experience leading technical communities. Roger will talk up the next developer conference, an interactive virtual event to be held October 2020.

Anyone with a question for Roger about the upcoming conference should shoot us a note at We'll bring it to Roger’s attention and he'll address it at the meeting.

COVID-19: All Hands on Deck
The COVID-19 outbreak has created some unique challenges by ushering in an unexpected Work From Home new normal for most of us.

Read our response to the challenge, and an offer of help to our strategic partners and clients on the CM First Group blog.

Bots to the Rescue -- Enterprise System Onboarding
If you are having trouble convincing management to give Robotic Process Automation (RPA) a try and need a detailed plan of action you can adapt to your own company, this streamable webinar is for you.

We demonstrate a specific use case that automates enterprise system onboarding, a challenge and pain point that many companies now face in our new era of work from home (WFH). Giving your employees access to new enterprise systems en masse can take scarce manual resources to accomplish, and automation can go a long way to building efficiencies and cost benefits.

We start by giving you a model to calculate the ROI for this process and other processes. We also walk you through some examples of how other customers have justified these projects to give you maximum selling power in your next pitch to management.

We show you how to put RPA to work today with your IBM Power, CA 2E, and CA Plex applications with onboarding in mind. CM First automation engineer Roger Hammer uses advanced Automate RPA technology to quickly create an enterprise system onboarding process that can leverage and extend your company’s resources exponentially.

Watch Our Past Webinars & Workshops
CA Plex/2E Communities April 1st Community Event Webinar

The latest CA Communities webinar is now available for online for viewing.

Current information on Broadcom status and plans was discussed, along with the upcoming October conference.

Technical Lighting Talks included 
SQL performance tips and techniques for Plex and 2E,
analyzing complex batch jobs using static analysis, automating IBM i web services, and topics for next webinar.

The Webinar event was held Wednesday, April 1st, 2020 at 10AM CST

Bots to the Rescue

Hearing a lot about robotic process automation (RPA), but aren’t sure if it’s right for you? Join us and our guest, HelpSystems, for a webinar to learn more about this transformational technology.

Pat Cameron, Director of Automate Technology at HelpSystems, walks us through what RPA is and why you should be interested. You’ll Learn the benefits of RPA and how everyone from IT to business users can automate their daily, manual, and repetitive processes. And you’ll get to see several use cases of successful RPA implementations with IBM i/IBM Power customers using Automate, the powerful RPA solution from HelpSystems.

Then see how CM First uses Automate’s advanced RPA technology to control green screen, web, and office products. Walk away with practical examples of how you can put RPA to work today with your IBM Power, CA 2E, and CA Plex applications.

Broadcom Confirms CA Plex and CA 2E Support as of January 31st, 2020.
As of January 31, 2020, Broadcom (CA) has announced that in general it will support the latest versions of CA 2E and CA Plex only. For CA 2E (Synon) that is version 8.7. For CA Plex, that is version 7.2.1.

For the full details see these links. Broadcom login is required.
  • CA Plex 7.2.1, last supported 7.2.1 (as of January 31, 2019)
  • CA 2E 8.7, last supported 8.7 (as of January 31, 2019)
Visit the Broadcom site at the links provided above for definitive info (password required).
CM First Can Help
At CM First we upgrade many CA 2E and CA Plex customers each year, and have extensive experience with the upgrade process. We also have experience working with Broadcom support and licensing and can work with you on any questions you have there.

Any questions just send us a note to, or click the button below to contact an office or request a demo.

CM First Support Portal
The CM First support portal is now online. Current customers can access tutorials and submit support tickets at
CM First Releases
CM WebClient 1.8.5 Limited support for 1.8.3
CM Matchpoint ALM 6.5, last supported 5.5
CM evolveIT11.0 , last supported 10.6 (11.1 Coming Soon)
CM M3 2018 Edition
CA Plex 7.2.1 , last supported 7.2.1 (as of January 31, 2019)
→ Details can be found here at Broadcom (login required)
CA 2E 8.7 , last supported 8.7 (as of January 31, 2019)
→ Details can be found here at Broadcom (login required)
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