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Founded in 1972 by Roy Eugene Davis

Welcome to the June edition of the Center for Spiritual Awareness newsletter including inspiration from Roy Eugene Davis and news about CSA ministry activities.

An Enlivening Power is Nurturing the Universe and We Can Learn to Cooperate with It.
– Roy Eugene Davis


The most effective approach to total wellness is to choose a life-management program with thoughtful attention given to spiritual, psychological, and physical wellness, rather than concentrating on one aspect and paying little heed to the others. If spiritual awareness is cultivated and psychological and physical problems are ignored, results will usually be unsatisfactory. If we focus on physical routines while allowing mental and emotional states to be disruptive or our spiritual practices to be sporadic, we will not experience the total benefits we desire and deserve.

Three supportive matters to which to be attentive are food choices, sleep, and conservation and purposeful use of available energy. What we choose to eat, how we schedule our time so that sufficient rest is obtained to allow renewal, and whether or not we use our vital forces constructively, indicate our degree of self-esteem and commitment to healthy, meaningful living and spiritual growth.

To be healthy and functional, it is important that we have a clear sense of purpose for living and are resolved to that end. If we are not purposeful, if we do not know why we are living our lives, total commitment to healthy living routines will be difficult. Mental conflicts and emotional confusion that contribute to disinterested or erratic behaviors in everyday circumstances will also interfere with endeavors to actualize wholeness. Conscious selection of foods provides the opportunity to demonstrate willingness to be self-responsible for our well-being. Thoughtless or careless actions in one aspect of our lives indicate a tendency toward indifference and other self-defeating attitudes which may also be characteristic of how we routinely behave.

Regular, sound sleep rests the mind and renews the body. Many of the body’s circadian rhythms (Latin, circa, about: dies, day)—the regular cycles of biological function, temperature, blood pressure, and hormone levels—can be disrupted because of irregular sleep patterns and lack of sleep. Some resulting life-suppressing effects may be tiredness, mental confusion, and impaired physical coordination. Sleep on a regular schedule in a dark, quiet place. Awaken refreshed and begin the day with alert, energetic, purposeful intention.

The Sanskrit word for conserving and constructively using vital forces is brahmacharya (divine-going). The ideal is to direct all inner forces to life-enhancing purposes and spiritual growth. When vital forces are dissipated mental powers are diminished, the body’s immune system is weakened, and the doshas are unbalanced. Vital forces are dissipated by excesses of any kind: worry, anxiety, extreme effort to concentrate, restlessness, too much talking and laughing, overuse of any of the senses, ingestion of toxic substances, insufficient sleep or rest, too much socializing, and overwork. They are conserved by mental peace, emotional calmness, rational thinking, faith, moderate talking, prudent use of the senses, nourishing foods, sufficient sleep and rest, dispassion when interacting with others and the environment, relaxed accomplishment of purposes, meditation, and divine remembrance. Conserved vital forces are transmuted into subtle and fine essences to nourish the body and refine the brain and nervous system.

– Roy Eugene Davis
Seven Lessons in Conscious Living
Lesson Two
Reminders for
Challenging Times 
from Roy Eugene Davis.
Includes a 15 Minute 
Guided Meditation.
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May Online Retreats included workshops offered by CSA ministers. The entire retreat experience received much positive feedback.
Join Our CSA Online Retreats

CSA ministry services have moved online through 2020.
Join us as we carry on through the CSA Ministry online, lending you support and consciousness. Invite your like-minded friends to join us. There is no charge, and no registration necessary.
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Sunday Meditation 11 a.m. Eastern Time

June CSA Online Weekly Retreats 

Morning Program

Each week day begins at 10 a.m. Eastern time with a meditation lasting for 45 minutes to an hour led by CSA Senior Minister Ron Lindahn. After the meditation Ron will offer commentary on aspects of the Kriya Yoga approach to spiritual awakening based on the teachings of Roy Eugene Davis. He will also answer questions.

Each week day afternoon at 2 p.m. Eastern time there will be a silent half hour meditation. Following the meditation we will have a one hour workshop led by a CSA Minister as scheduled below. On Thursdays and Fridays a link to a video of Mr. Davis will be provided.

Afternoon Schedule 2 p.m. Eastern Time

Monday, June 1 - Meditation: Leode Franklin
Tuesday, June 2 - Workshop: Marty Wuttke
Wednesday, June 3 - Workshop: Ryan Strong
Thursday, June 4 - Meditation: Kathleen Rehling, and video
Friday, June 5 -  Meditation: Pascale Chambers, and video

Monday, June 8 - Workshop: Katherine Geddes-Lovkay
Tuesday, June 9 - Workshop: Leode Franklin
Wednesday, June 10 -  Workshop: Michael Gadway
Thursday, June 11 - Meditation: Kathleen Rehling, and video
Friday, June 12 - Meditation: Pascale Chambers, and video 

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May Teacher Training
Twenty five individuals from the US and abroad, including Italy, India, Germany, and the Netherlands, attended the CSA online teacher training sessions in May. They are planning to start meditation groups, or are currently teaching in accord with Mr. Davis' guidelines. 

New Videos Of Mr. Davis
have been added to the CSA web site.

Progress on your journey of spiritual awakening results from being continually attentive to how you are acting, thinking, and feeling. 
Progress is indicated by:
  • increased tranquility; peace of mind supporting effective meditation and expansive oneness consciousness (samadhi).
  • a reduction, and eventual neutralizing, of mental-emotional conditionings that impair healthy, spontaneous, free, expression.
How you are acting is determined by what you choose to pay attention to; the activities, and repetitive behaviors that you engage in, and whether you are reacting or responding to events and circumstances as they arise. Being attentive to how you are acting allows you to determine how to allocate your life force (prana, energy). Whatever you pay attention to, and whatever you do on a repetitive basis is fed by your energy. 

If you observe that your energy is being wasted in activities that are not useful, productive, or supportive of your health, happiness, and spiritual growth, then changes can be made. Self-discipline is a powerful tool for transformation. Begin by believing that it is possible to change, even if it is in small ways. Be gentle with yourself. Rather than taking an aggressive, confrontational, approach to change, invite your Self (essence of being) to assist you in moving in a more positive and useful direction. Whenever you observe yourself in non-useful behaviors, gently be reminded of the ideal and again invite your higher awareness to guide and support you to do what is useful. In this gentle way rapid progress can be made.

How you are thinking is determined by how you define your "self", the story you tell yourself about who you think you are, and the narrative you create regarding the circumstances and events of your life. You become what you think about. Life force, energy (prana) is directed by attention. Your reality is determined by what you choose to pay attention to. If your attention is drawn to fear and anxiety; being critical and judgmental; attachment to objects, relationships, and experiences; lust and greed, then you will observe that these thoughts grow and tend to dominate awareness. It is as if you “feed” them and then they move in, become stronger, and you find yourself possessed by them.

If you observe that your mind is inhabited with thoughts of limitation, negativity, pessimism, and is enchanted by the things you have allowed to “possess” you, then you can begin by paying some attention to learning about what you really are (a spiritual being), how your mind-brain operates, and the nature of your relationship with ultimate Reality. In this way you can learn to direct your attention with intention to that which is in harmony with nature, and is supportive of peace of mind, contentment, and spiritual growth.

How you are feeling is determined by whether you are grounded, with a sense of wholeness, connection to, and support by, life (ultimate Reality); or experience separation, feelings of being incomplete, outside of life, or trying to fit in. At the soul level there is an urge to be fully awake, to live in the awareness of God’s presence. This urge to feel connected, the sense of belonging to, being a part of, God (ultimate Reality) is the basis for desires. Suffering in delusion, the mind makes the mistake of thinking that if one could acquire the right things, experiences, occupation, and relationship, that this would fill in the place that feels empty and disconnected.

If you observe that you have a sense of longing that is not satisfied by the temporary rewards of fulfilling an endless stream of desires, chasing one promising attraction after another, then you can begin by looking at your self. Realize that your amazing body has an innate intelligence that knows how to organize itself and orchestrate all of the myriad operations required to keep it functioning - and no one is in charge. Then look to your environment and observe that nature has an innate intelligence that knows how to run itself perfectly - and no one is in charge. The same goes for the universe. Practice observing how the universe, the environment, and your body-mind are all aspects of one intelligently ordered expressive Reality. In this way, with attention now focused on wholeness, you will open the door to feeling whole, content, and ever in harmony with life on all levels.

Mindful attention to your actions, thoughts, and feelings, together with regular superconscious meditation, insures rapid progress on your spiritual awakening path.
–Ron Lindahn
Live Webinar
Sunday, June 7
Kriya Yoga Class

On the first Sunday of each month CSA is offering a live broadcast at 2 p.m. Eastern time. 
These classes are based on Mr. Davis' book Seven Lessons in Conscious Living. At the end of the program Mr. Lindahn will answer questions from those viewing. After the event the program will be available to view on the CSA YouTube channel.

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