Subject: We Are Making Our DW Methodology Available to All!

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This week I was talking to another linkedin member who is working to start up a BI Consulting Practice.

The conversation turned around to "Methodology" and what methodology did he propose to use for his clients.

He said he didn’t have one so far and did not know how he might get one.

So I gave him a copy of the one we re-wrote in 2012.

After I browsed over it again I realized this is something else that is very valuable that I could easily give away to anyone who wanted to use it to be more successful in their data warehousing projects.

So if you would like a copy of our methodology that we used to implement lots of large DW projects? 

Just click on the button below.

You are welcome!

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Once again I wish you and your family and friends good health and safety in these uncertain times.

Please share this post with all your colleagues who are interested in selling Business Intelligence projects.

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PS. You can download our open source and free #SeETL Software from here. This is the software I wrote to be able to deliver data warehouses faster, cheaper, better than anyone else. 

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