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I'll Reach For A Star (1937)
Starring Frances Langford and Phil Regan

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In this musical an agent hawks a new singing star to irritate a wealthy socialite whom he managed to get on the radio. There the socialite found some success, but then she dumped her agent. As the radio network continues to search for new talent, music and mayhem ensue.  Originally released as The Hit Parade, it was retitled I'll Reach For A Star for re-release.
Director: Gus Meins
Writers: Bradford Ropes, Samuel Ornitz, Harry Ruskin

Stars: Frances Langford, Phil Regan, Max Terhune, Edward Brophy, Louise Henry, Pert Kelton, William Demarest, The Gentlemaniacs, The Tic Toc Girls, Duke Ellington, Molasses and January
Songs include:

Happy Days Are Here Again
Music by Milton Ager
Lyrics by Jack Yellen
Performed by Carl Hoff & The Hit Parade Orchestra

I've Got to Be a Rug Cutter
Written by Duke Ellington
Performed by Ivie Anderson with Duke Ellington Orchestra

If It Wasn't for Pete
Music by Sam H. Stept
Lyrics by Ned Washington
Sung by Sammy White
Danced by Sammy White with chorus

The Glory Beyond
Music by Alberto Colombo
Danced by Frances Langford and Pert Kelton

I'll Reach for a Star
Music by Lou Handman
Lyrics by Walter Hirsch
Sung by Frances Langford

Sweet Heartache
Music by Sam H. Stept
Lyrics by Ned Washington
Sung by Phil Regan
Reprised by Frances Langford

Last Night I Dreamed of You
Music by Lou Handman
Lyrics by Walter Hirsch
Sung by Frances Langford

Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald/Wiener Blut - Medley
Music by Johann Strauss
Arranged by Eddy Duchin
played by Eddy Duchin and His Orchestra
Danced by Galante and Leonarda

Was It Rain?
Music by Lou Handman
Lyrics by Walter Hirsch
Sung by Frances Langford

Love Is Good for Anything That Ails You
Written by Cliff Friend and Matty Malneck
Performed by the Tic-Toc Girls, Duke Ellington Orchestra, Eddy Duchin & His Orchestra and Carl Hoff & The Hit Parade Orchestra with chorus

Sweet Heartache
Music by Sam H. Stept
Lyrics by Ned Washington
Sung by Phil Regan and Frances Langford

The production was budgeted at $500,000, which made it the most expensive Republic film until that time.
Republic took the film's title from the popular radio show Your Hit Parade, which ran from 1935 to 1959. A television version of the program, also titled Your Hit Parade, ran from 1950 through 1959, with a one-season revival in 1974. Republic made four other films with the "Hit Parade" format: The Hit Parade of 1941, The Hit Parade of 1943, The Hit Parade of 1947 and The Hit Parade of 1951.
The Gentlemaniacs (Dick Hakins, Sammy Wolf, Mousie Garner) who joined The Three Stooges' former mentor, Ted Healy, on stage after Healy split from them over "creative differences". They'd eventually split from him as well. Their act isn't too different from those Stooges as they stomp, yell, and blow smoke in each other faces as they sing gibberish on stage to some familiar tunes.
Also appearing here is Pert Kelton-the first Alice Kramden on "The Honeymooners" sketches when it was presented on Jackie Gleason's "Calvacade of Stars" on the Dumont network-doing some nice wisecracks.
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