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To enable all companies everywhere to benefit from the ability to profitably implement Enterprise Business Intelligence Solutions.

Hello! It's Peter here again.

Thank you for being one of my email subscribers!

I really appreciate you!

I wanted to let you know that I am relinking to all my linkedin contacts on my new linkedin profile.

If you are receiving this email and you are not sure if you are linked to my new linkedin profile?

Please click on the following link to check.

If you find you are not linked and would like to link to me on my new linkedin profile?

Please just put "email" in the note on the invitation to link so that I know you linked, or re-linked, from this email.


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Then you will get all the Newsletters I will be publishing on the topic of Business Intelligence right to your email box.


My Newsletters will also be published to our web site and to my new linkedin account if you want to receive them that way.

Next, one of the things I am passionate about is travel. I have been to more than 40 countries and worked for more than 200 companies in more than 20 countries.

I believe travel broadens the mind and I encourage all people to travel as much as they can.

So now I am promoting a world travel company as my Home Business because I just love traveling and its a great company.

If you would like to make sure you NEVER GET any sort of "marketing" emails from me?

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By being on that list I will make sure I NEVER send you any offers for anything.

Fair enough?

Lastly? I wish you a good day!

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I really appreciate you!

Best Regards


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