Subject: Hi Friend, CHC is Celebrating Survivors - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Greetings Friend,

As you know, October is breast cancer awareness month .

I want to thank you for  joining CHC on this month-long journey to share the best information I can provide for cancer survivors and patients to keep looking good and feeling confident.

On Oct 31st , I’ll be announcing the winner of my CHC Breast Cancer Awareness Makeover, so remember to visit  and submit your  Nominee, then share the link with others in your circle! 
In this article, I want to start  a conversation about your skin. Both the breast cancer disease and the lifesaving treatments that come with it, can affect individuals differently.
Medical treatments and the lack of a daily routine can cause the skin to become dry as well as sensitive.  It’s important to maintain your daily routine, even when you are not feeling well.  You will conquer this challenge with cancer and when you do, like your health, you’ll want your skin to come out of the fight looking good! 
When cleansing your face and body, read the labels carefully. Some of  your longtime favorite products may not be the best for your skin at this time. Select skin cleansers that are formulated for sensitive skin with gentle cleansing agents and it’s best to go with ones that are fragrance free.

When removing makeup or cosmetics, use sensitive skin care makeup wipes. Dove® is great for sensitive skin as well as  Cetaphil®  Face and Body.   Unlike cleansers with heavy a fragrance,  that can lead to skin irritation, these two are very mild. 
In the shower you’ll want to opt for warm water rather than a hot temperature, because hotter water can lead to dryness of your skin and further irritation.
So that’s my advice this time…to try to maintain a daily routine of cleansing and caring for your entire body, even when you are not feeling your best; and use products that are kind to your skin …free of harmful chemicals and fragrances. 
Next time, I’ll talk about an element in nature that can play havoc with your skin and ways you can protect yourself as you continue on your journey to wellness.
‘Til next time,
Cat Harley, Your Expert Cosmetologist
Note: Always check with your medical professional before using any new product.  Snap a picture of the label to ensure you’ve capture all of the ingredients.  Stay with CHC as I share more about breast cancer awareness skin care,

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