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It's A Wonderful World (1956)
Starring Terence Morgan and George Cole

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No relation to the 1939 Claudette Colbert-James Stewart comedy of the same name, It's a Wonderful World is essentially a vehicle for British-based bandleader Ted Heath. The thinnish plot is set in motion by would-be songwriters Terence Morgan and George Cole, who manage to sell a tune by claiming that it was composed by a reclusive musical genius. When the tune hits the top of the charts, Morgan and Cole find themselves in the embarrassing position of having to produce the "real" composer. Director Val Guest manages to extract new laughs out of such old setpieces as showing a snobbish audience being gradually won over by pop music. The principal attraction of It's a Wonderful World--to modern viewers, at least is the presence of Ted Heath, whose screen appearances were all too few and far between.
Director: Val Guest
Writers: Val Guest (original story), Val Guest (screen play)

Stars: Terence Morgan, George Cole, Kathleen Harrison, Mylene Demongeor, Dennis Lotis, Ted Heath, James Hayter, Harold Lang, Heatherly Sisters
Songs include:

When you came Along
Music by Ted Heath
Lyrics by Moira Heath
Performed by Mylène Demongeot

Music by Ted Heath
Lyrics by Moira Heath

Girls, Girls, Girls
Music by Ted Heath
Lyrics by Moira Heath
Performed by Dennis Lotis

A Few Kisses Ago
Music by Robert Farnon
Lyrics by Val Guest
Performed by Dennis Lotis

Hawaiian War Chant
Written by Prince Leleiohoku
Arranged by Johnny Keating
Performed by Ted Heath and His Music

"The Heatherly Sisters" are a parody of The Beverley Sisters
This was filmed in 'SpectaScope', a short-lived British attempt to emulate Hollywood's 'CinemaScope'- broadly half the size (four perforations to eight American).
One of few movies to have been filmed inside the legendary Hammersmith 'Palais de Danse', opened in 1919 and demolished in 2012. It was replaced by flats. Until the closure in 2007 it had hosted every genre of music: from Adelaide Hall, many dance orchestras, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie to The Fall and many, many others. The site is now marked by a plaque.
In London, Ray and Ken (Morgan and Cole) are two struggling composers of popular songs, and they make friends with a young French singer, Georgie (Demongeot), newly arrived from Paris. She likes one of the songs Ray and Ken have written, and chooses to sing it when she gets an audition with bandleader Ted Heath (playing himself), and she is hired as their singer. Unaware of this, Ken stumbles across another route to success when his broken record player plays his records backwards, and he uses a tape recorder to create a piece of music by playing the recording tape backwards, which he thinks sounds similar to a newly successful kind of music. He attributes the music to a fictitious avant garde composer, Rimsikoff, living abroad, and when the music is performed at a concert, most of the public and critics are duped. Georgie discovers what they are doing and warns them off, and when they learn of her success with their song, they decide Rimsikoff will 'retire'.
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