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IIDR Newsletter - Issue 20
August 29th, 2018
IIDR Trainee Day 2018 – Registration Now Open!

Trainee Day, an annual event hosted by the Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Infectious Disease Research (IIDR), has become the ideal forum for recognizing and celebrating the innovative work being done by the Institute’s students and postdoctoral fellows. 
This year's event will take place on Friday, November 9th, from 9:00am to 6:00pm in CIBC Hall, Rm. 319. All IIDR staff, students, and faculty are invited to register at their earliest convenience through the IIDR Trainee Day Website.
In The News
Biotechnology Focus Goes Deep into the Human Microbiome with Adapsyn Bioscience

Building on the work of the Magarvey laboratory at the Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Infectious Disease Research, McMaster spinout company Adapsyn Bioscience mines the landscape of highly-evolved small molecules for novel compounds that can help treat disease. Michelle Currie of Biotechnology Focus talks to Adapsyn founder, president, & CSO Dr. Nathan Magarvey about his team's innovative start-up.

Coombes' Lab PDF Defines Novel Binding Regions on Receptors Critical for E. coli Infection

Enteropathogenic E. coli infect the intestinal tract by utilizing a needle-like injection apparatus called the type III secretion system (T3SS) to deliver protein effectors into the host. The translocated intimin receptor (Tir) is the first effector to be delivered, and is an essential colonization factor required for infection. Although Tir requires the chaperone CesT to enter the host, little is known about the structural and mechanistic details behind it's binding interaction. In a recent publication, Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Dustin Little of Dr. Brian Coombes’ lab describes a novel CesT binding site on Tir, critical for Tir secretion and thus essential for successful host infection.

The Mla Pathway Plays an Essential Role in Burkholderia's Resistance to Antimicrobials 

Several Burkholderia species are pathogenic and intrinsically resistant to multiple classes of antibiotics. However, manipulating the structure of their outer membranes could increase their sensitivity to treatment. Postdoc Dr. Steve Bernier, Dr. Michael Surette, and graduate student Susie Son show that the Mla pathway - a system involved in maintaining cell wall integrity - is genetically and functionally different within several species of Burkholderia in comparison to other proteobacteria. Their results suggest that this pathway could represent an ideal genus-specific target to address Burkholderia's intrinsic resistance to antimicrobials.

New Insights from Systems Biology Helps Our Understanding of HIV-1 Transmission in the Female Genital Tract

Over 2 million new HIV-1 infections arise every year, and disproportionately affect young women. Yet, the mechanisms that regulate HIV-1 susceptibility in women are poorly understood. In a review led by Kaushic lab Masters student Haley Dupont, the team describes our current understanding of the acute events that take place in the female genital tract following HIV-1 exposure. They go further to consider recent evidence from transcriptomic and proteomic studies to highlight the potential influence of sex hormones on HIV-1 susceptibility in the female genital tract.
Burrows Lab Student Explains How Subinhibitory Antimicrobials Could Increase Biofilm Stimulation

Biofilms are dense communities of bacteria encased within a protective layer of sugars, lipids, and DNA. Biofilms provide increased protection from antibiotics, and recent studies have shown that exposing bacteria to subinhibitory concentrations of antimicrobials can provoke physiological changes that lead to increased biofilm production and therapeutic failure. In a recent study, Burrows’ lab MSc student Michael Ranieri presents the current hypotheses regarding the mechanisms that underlie biofilm stimulation in response to subinhibitory antimicrobials, and proposes ways in which this response may be harnessed to discover new antimicrobials or antibiotic adjuvants. 

Wright & Guitor Study Antimicrobial Resistance and Respiratory Infections

As respiratory infections remain one of the leading causes of death worldwide, increased rates in antibiotic-resistant respiratory pathogens are of particular global concern. In their review entitled “Antimicrobial Resistance and Respiratory Infections", IIDR’s Dr. Gerry Wright and PhD student Allison Guitor discuss the many ways in which respiratory bacteria can avoid or overcome antibiotics, while highlighting other important aspects of antimicrobial resistance.

2018 Michael Kamin Hart Scholarships – Call for Applications / Nominations

The IIDR is accepting student applications and staff nominations for the 2018 Michael Kamin Hart Memorial Scholarships. These prestigious awards are meant to recognize outstanding members of the IIDR who embody the passion that Michael had for research, science, and discovery. Undergraduates, Master’s, and PhD students are encouraged to speak to their supervisors about applying. Applications are due September 14th, 2018. More information about Michael Kamin Hart, the Scholarship, and the application process (including how to nominate a member for the Staff award) can be found on the IIDR Trainee Day Website.

Dr. Marie Elliot Appointed Two Prestigious Leadership Roles for Achievements in Teaching & Science

It has been an eventful summer for the IIDR’s Dr. Marie Elliot, who was recently granted two prestigious leadership roles for her outstanding accomplishments and contributions to science. Elliot was appointed to Chair of McMaster University’s Department of Biology, which will commence next summer. Further, Dr. Elliot was announced President of the Canadian Society of Microbiologists - a non-profit organization with over 500 honorary, emeritus, student, and sustaining members. Marie’s passion, leadership, and dedication to teaching and the scientific community have allowed her to make enormous strides in her field. 
Congratulations, Marie!
Dr. Stephanie Jones Awarded 2018 Armand-Frappier Outstanding Student Award

Congratulations to recent McMaster postdoctoral graduate Dr. Stephanie Jones on being awarded the Armand-Frappier Outstanding Student Award at the 2018 meeting of the Canadian Society of Microbiologists (CSM). This prestigious award, named after one of CSM’s most prominent founding members and presidents, is awarded each year to the top microbiology student in the country based on selection by a 5-member International Scientific Committee. Read more about this award and Stephanie's several other outstanding achievements this year. 

Two Microbiology Postdoc Positions Available at Université de Sherbrooke

Two postdoctoral positions are available in the laboratory of Dr. François Malouin for work on the in vitro and in vivo evaluation of new experimental antibiotics. The position will commence in October 2018 for 18-20 months, and with the possibility of renewal. Interested candidates can contact Prof. Malouin by email and must provide a letter of presentation, CV, a copy of transcripts and diplomas, and the names and contact information of two references.
Participants Needed for CIHR-Funded Tuberculosis Booster Vaccine Study

The research team of IIDR's Dr. Fiona Smaill and Dr. Zhou Xing is looking for healthy participants who were born outside of Canada to enroll in their Canadian Institutes of Health Research – supported tuberculosis booster vaccine study. The purpose of this Phase 1, open-label clinical trial is to evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of their adenovirus-based tuberculosis vaccine, administered by aerosol. If interested in participating in the study, learn more by visiting Remuneration will be provided for all participants.
Comprehensive Antibiotic Resistance Database - August 2018 Update

The Comprehensive Antibiotic Resistance Database has been updated. This release includes colistin resistance gene ICR-Mc, phenicol-oxazolidinone-tetracycline resistance gene poxtA, ARO categorical improvements, and the correction of 5'-3' sequence orientation errors. RGI 4.2.0 released, with the addition of a new heat map tool for visualization of multiple RGI results. Visit the CARD Website for more details. 
Events & Seminars
BBS - Annual Welcome BBQ 2018
Wednesday, September 12th, 11am -1:00pm, HSC Esplanade

The Department of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences would like to invite faculty, staff, post-docs, grads, and undergrads to the Annual Welcome/Welcome back BBQ. The (completely free!) BBQ lunch will be held on Wednesday, September 12th at 11 am – 1 pm in the Health Sciences Centre Esplanade.
Developing Clinical Point-of-Care (POC) Diagnostics Workshop
Wednesday & Thursday, September 26th & 27th, McMaster Innovation Park

The Fraunhofer Project Centre for Biomedical Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing (FPC-BEAM) is hosting a workshop on the challenges of developing clinical diagnostics in specific fields and opportunities for POC diagnostics. The two-day workshop will bring together various stakeholders for presentations, panels and open forums to discuss the ideal POC diagnostic, POC development and the support systems needed to bring these diagnostic healthcare solutions to market. View the detailed schedule and register here.

9th annual Innovation Showcase - "The Future is Here"
November 7th, 8:00am - 4:00pm, McMaster Innovation Park

Innovation Showcase provides the opportunity to connect the innovative research of faculty and students to industry and entrepreneurs who are equally passionate about transforming research into products and services. The 9th annual Innovation Showcase will focus on biomedical technologies, highlighting the role and impact of McMaster research in shaping the future of healthcare. This event is hosted by the McMaster Industry Liaison Office (MILO) – supporting innovation, commercialization and community engagement. Abstract submissions are open in September via View the detailed schedule and register here

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