Subject: Hi Friend, some updates on WalkOVR

Early September Updates

Hi Friend,

I am Batu, new guy in the family, responsible with notifying you on time when needed.
I salute you on behalf of WalkOVR Team! Everyday we are working hard in order to give you the best WalkOVR experience and we thought that you would love to know what we have done lately. So,

Let's take a look at what is up with WalkOVR!

First things first, manufacturing updates.

Everything seems on track, molding is proceeding for enclosures, producing packages will be accomplished until the end of September, textiles are in parallel to them so we can end with the preparation of your packages this month. Then the assembly of electronics and finishing up with the enclosures will be in October.

Planning to share some photos in the next couple of weeks.

Beside the manufacturing, here are the other updates.
New Verified Games

While we were working with business development, molding and packaging etc. Since things a little bit settled on manufacturing, our developers team tested and verified 6 new titles with HTC Vive:

Contractors, War Dust, Island 359, Robinson the Journey, Vindicta, Evasion are officially compatible with WalkOVR. 

We are planning to share some videos later.

We know you're looking for No Man's Sky :)
we'll let you know..
Renewed Website

Our website awaits you with its new interface, design and our new options: Basic and Lite.

We wanted to make everything a bit more sleek, and more polished. 
You may like to pay a visit. 

Backers' Zone, Support and Wiki
Backer's Zone is one part of this new website. Since our backers are the cornerstone of WalkOVR, we decided to create a page where we can share public backer updates on. Similarly we are in the process of creating a specific support and forum/wiki page. We'll keep improving WalkOVR experience in different aspects.
Our Shop is Open and it is Lit!
We let you move in VR but also we let you move in style, IRL.
You can find not only our WalkOVR models and accessories in the future, but also some VR merchandise inspired by lovely VR games. More designs will come as long as you like it. They are manufactured in the US and Europe; ready to ship immediately worldwide even today.
I'll keep posting more in the upcoming weeks. I hope you liked what we shared for now.

Follow our social media channels to be up-to-date with WalkOVR. Also if you have any feedback, please contact us. We are trying to give you the ultimate VR locomotion experience and your feedbacks are extremely valuable in this process.

We love you

Your other fellow gamer
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