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Rhythm Romance (1939)
Starring Bob Hope and Shirley Ross

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Rhythm Romance is the television title for the 1939 Bob Hope comedy Some Like It Hot (the change was made to avoid confusion with the 1959 Billy Wilder film of the same name). Hope plays a penny-ante carnival concessionaire with both eyes on the Main Chance. Exploiting the musical talents of his girl friend (Shirley Ross), Hope tries to bankroll a big-time stage show. The prospect of riches goes to Hope's head and loses him his girl, but the two are reunited before the film's 64 minutes run out. This minor Bob Hope/Shirley Ross vehicle was first filmed in 1934 as Shoot the Works, which in turn was based on The Great Magoo, a Broadway flop written by Ben Hecht.
Director: George Archainbaud

Writers: Ben Hecht (play), Gene Fowler (play), Lewis R. Foster, Wilkie C. Mahoney

Stars: Bob Hope, Shirley Ross, Una Merkel, Gene Krupa, Rufe Davis, Bernard Nedell
Songs include:

The Lady's in Love with You
Music by Burton Lane
Lyrics by Frank Loesser
Sung by Bob Hope and Shirley Ross
Also sung by Shirley Ross, with Gene Krupa and His Band

Some Like It Hot
Written by Gene Krupa, Remo Biondi and Frank Loesser
Sung by Shirley Ross, with Gene Krupa and His Band

Heart and Soul
Music by Hoagy Carmichael
Played when Gene and Nicky are discussing the Living Corpse
Also played before Hanratty offers Lily the ring

Blue Rhythm Fantasy
Written by Gene Krupa
Performed by Gene Krupa and His Band

Filming locations included Ocean Park Pier in Santa Monica.
The film was released the year before Road to Singapore converted theatre and radio star Hope into a huge movie box office draw. Legendary cinematographer Karl Struss filmed the movie.
In the opening credits, the credit "Gene Krupa and his Orchestra" actually comes before the title, but the orchestra is not listed with the cast. Although Gene Krupa had appeared in several movies when he played with Benny Goodman, this was his first acting role.
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Brand Of Fear (1949)

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A late entry in Monogram's Jimmy Wakely musical Western series, Brand of Fear features a nice performance by Gail Davis, television's Annie Oakley. Davis plays Anne Lamont, whose guardian, Marshal Black Jack Flint (Tom London), hires her as the new schoolteacher of Oreville, AZ. Black Jack, however, is really a reformed outlaw and is being blackmailed by crooked blacksmith Cal Derringer (Marshall Reed). Derringer is in league with outlaw Tom Slade (William H. Ruhl), who plans to rob a shipment of ore. On the side of law and order are trouble-shooter Jimmy Wakely and his sidekick Cannonball (Dub Taylor). They run down the villains, and with his dying breath, Derringer confesses that Black Jack was innocent of the charges leveled against him 20 years earlier and that he is actually Anne's natural father. In between battling the bad guys, Wakely finds time to sing "There's a Rainbow Over the Range" by Tim Spencer and "Cool Water" by the prolific Bob Nolan. Monogram could have done much worse than this tightly packaged piece of Western hokum, and often did.

The Hound Of London (1993)

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A very low budget, stage bound feature starring Patrick Macnee as Sherlock Holmes. The plot has Holmes compelled to help an actress who is involved in a murder case. Moriarty is lurking about and is also involved in the case. For a Holmes aficionado it is worth a look to see Macnee's interpretation of the master sleuth.
Brass Target (1978)

Stars: Sophia Loren, John Cassavetes, Max von Sydow

What if General George S. Patton didn't die in a car accident, as history tells us, but at the hands of a paid assassin? That's the premise of Brass Target, another in a series of espionage thrillers, like The Eagle Has Landed, that speculates on the fates of real-life figures from World War II. Robert Vaughn, Ed Bishop, and Edward Herrmann are three Allied officers in occupied Germany who steal Nazi gold with the help of OSS officer Patrick McGoohan. Patton (George Kennedy) personally supervises the investigation of the theft, assisted by Major Joe DeLuca (John Cassavetes). Soon, however, a professional assassin (Max Von Sydow) is on their trail, Patton is killed on the orders of his own staff, and only DeLuca and his lover (Sophia Loren), who is also involved with the assassin, are left alive for the finale.
Brats (1930)

Stars: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy play both the fathers and their unruly children in this two-reel comedy. The really funny thing about this film is that as the kids, Laurel and Hardy don't behave much differently as they generally do as adults. The relationship is basically the same between the two youngsters, and little Ollie usually suffers the most damage. The father/son effect was created by making two sets exactly the same, with one set being more than twice normal size, to make the kid Laurel and Hardy appear child-sized. The two sets are seamlessly combined in several scenes, so we can see, for example, the fathers playing checkers while their sons are a few feet away, playing with alphabet blocks. There's not much plot -- the kids misbehave and are sent to bed early, but before they crawl into bed, they create more havoc -- and an overflowing bathtub that Ollie doesn't discover until it has flooded the whole bathroom.

Brave Warrior (1952)

Stars: Jon Hall, Christine Larson, Jay Silverheels, Michael Ansara

Veteran serial director Spencer Gordon Bennett keeps things moving at a hectic pace in Brave Warrior. The title character is legendary Shawnee chief Tecumseh, well-played by Jay Silverheels (better known as Tonto on TV's The Lone Ranger). Though he has every reason to distrust the White Man, Tecumseh comes to the aid of American emissary Steve Ruddell (Jon Hall) during the War of 1812. The villain is a renegade medicine man known as The Prophet, played by Michael Ansara, who later portrayed the peace-loving Cochise on the TV version of Broken Arrow. Considering that this is a typically low-budget Sam Katzman production, Brave Warrior is fairly elaborately mounted.
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Erik Aaes
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(on falling in love with Ernie Kovacs) Here was this guy with the big moustache, the big cigar, and the silly hat. I thought, "I don't know what this is, but it's for me."

Gerald Drayson Adams

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No matter what you do, you can act your heart out, but people will always say, "Oh, Julie Adams - Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954)."

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