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Meditative Art with Sadelle Wiltshire
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A Petite Post from your Proprietresses

As we begin to wind down the calendar year, we are taking time to pause and reflect on the past year and what we've learned and accomplished. We're also thinking about you and spending time clarifying what The Purple Ink Cafe's greater purpose is and how it can best serve you, our patron. 

What began as an imaginative space to get to our own work has expanded to include a growing community of women who are seeking connection, creative inspiration, and innovative ideas. We strive to provide a supportive and imaginative environment that's easy to access, affords all the comforts of home and makes it easy for you to relax into your own productive flow. 

/what would make The Purple Ink Cafe your go-to place for connection, creative inspiration and innovation ? Are we meeting the mark? Is this what you want? We'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas as we plan for 2018. Send us an e-mail.

And with Hallowe'en tomorrow and the US Thanksgiving right around the corner we want to give you a few ideas for making the holiday season easier to navigate. The Purple Ink Cafe Presents is a great way to start off. On November 1st, Sadelle Wiltshire will be leading us through a Meditative Art experience and on December 6th, April McMurtry will be sharing her love of the moon with a way to connect with and tap into the energy and magic of the lunar cycle.

Happy Hallowe'en and Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating!

With Purple Ink,
The Purple Ink Cafe Presents ...

Meditative Art: 
Letting Go of the Critic and Expectations
Sadelle Wiltshire

Multi-Discipline Contemplative Teaching Artist, Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator and Certified Zentangle®  Teacher (CZT#7)

We are so pleased to have Sadelle join us at The Purple Ink Cafe. Her presentation is just the right mix of gentle acceptance and creative spark to help us introduce some creative calm to the start of the holidays. Being creative is really an exercise in letting go of outcomes and expectations, and when we can let go of some of those old critics, we allow ourselves to go to a deeper place of focus and flow. Come experience an easy 'letting go' exercise using simple principles pulled from the Zentangle® method of drawing to help you find a safe place to be creative.

Please join us for this FREE, timely and interactive afternoon/evening Wednesday, November 1, 4 pm PT/ 7 pm ET. To register CLICK HERE. (Can't make it live? Sign up for the audio replay)
Sadelle Anne Wiltshire is a long time resident of Vermont and a Quaker, whose art and creations have been rooted in the focus and flow that comes when one is present with their inner voice. She enjoys sharing this love with others, in teaching, mentoring and inspiring people to create. Sadelle is a Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator, a Fiber and Mixed Media teaching artist, and a Certified Zentangle®  Teacher (CZT#7). She has been creating and teaching art in one form or another for over 20 years, and has taught both fiber and mixed media art around the US and as well as the UK, where she will be returning to teach in March 2018 for 2 weeks.
To learn more about Sadelle visit her online:
Web: . Blog:
Instagram: @sadiavt . Facebook:

This is part of a series of Free, Fun and inFormative events held at The Purple Ink Cafe that showcases some of the wonderful people who are already part of the cafe's community and new friends who have something interesting to share. These events are experiential and a way to learn something new, meet interesting people and, above all, make some time for your creative self to have some fun.
And in the Spirit of Kaizen and Creativity
November is 'Art Every Day Month'

This is the 16th year that Leah Piken Kolidas has hosted a month long challenge to create a little art every day. I like that she calls this "a low pressure challenge", so if you miss a day or two it's not a problem. And she also defines "art" in really broad terms. If you are interested here's the link to find out more. Art Every Day Challenge The challenge starts Nov. 1st.

And, if you need a little inspiration, motivation or a few ideas, sign up for our complimentary e-course 5 Ways to Effortlessly Add Creativity into Your Everyday Work and Play.

Did you know that we offer individual coaching?

Both Kathy and Mary are Master Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaches. We consider LIFE to be a creative process and coaching as an opportunity to add an intuitive, supportive guide to your adventure.

Curious? Contact us and set up a complimentary call.

Kathy: Creating your best second half of life

Mary: Imaginative Ideas & Innovated Strategies for Inspired Action        

Creative Work - Inspired Play

This is for you if you want to get something done. We meet most Monday mornings for an hour at The Purple Ink Cafe through the magic of Zoom at 11:30 ET.  We collectively hold space for each other as we work independently on our own things. It's a mingle of creative inspiration, gentle accountability, fun and friendship. There is no cost!  Sign up for reminder here.  

Dates in November: Mondays 6, 13 & 20
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