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Vol. 2. Issue 11                                                                                                                                       July 22, 2020 | 1 Av, 5780

Chodesh Tov!
‘Tis The Season... To Stock Up!

Stock up now on all the needed items, such as freshly baked goods, refrigerated items, and oats while you still can. Things are picking up, and there should be an update soon from Project Chodosh with the General Chodosh Cutoff Dates. The Yoshon Network Inc. will let you know as soon as it happens. We will then create our usual “General Dates” sheet that you can print out and hang on your fridge or take with you shopping.

Not to worry, we will update, and create the Yoshon Flours, and Cereals Lists as soon as we have enough information. Any new yoshon info and we will send out alerts.


Introducing A New “Employee” at TYNI: “YAIR”

Due to the massive amount of work here at TYNI, and the very limited staff, we decided to “hire a new “employee” to help us answer site visitors’ questions. While we certainly cannot complain about the incredible SEO (Search Engine Optimization) we have for (B"H), all of the extra internet “traffic” has brought about a large increase in correspondence from our “TawkTo” chat box and other emails. Unfortunately, much of it consists of product complaints, companies wanting to purchase items, and other assorted non-yoshon-related items. Of course, we have to answer all of these emails and let the people know that we can’t help them with what they need, but it also takes our time away from the important work that we could be doing. 
Despite turning the TawkTo message red (which did help a little), and changing the message to state “We do not make, sell, or distribute any products...”, people still tend to not read. Especially those from other countries who are still wanting to purchase products (whether we sell them or not).

Enter “YAIR”, (the “ Artificial Intelligence Robot”) who can chat and answer many of the questions that we normally would. Not only does YAIR address all of the superfluous non-yoshon questions, but can also answer many of the frequently asked questions that we get. “He” can direct people to specific articles to read or services to use by providing links to get there. It is hoped that YAIR will debut later today.

We truly hope that this will help save some time and do needed tasks of updating, creating downloadable items, and tending to the What’sApp Groups, texts, chats, and legitimate emails. There are many other features that we are working on which are taking much longer than anticipated. These will just have to happen when they are ready. BE"H, we hope that YAIR will be a welcome and helpful addition to

We rarely answer phone messages, and have it stated on our contact page as not the best option of contacting us. Return phone calling is just too time consuming, and often communications are not heard on either end, or can be completely misunderstood. In keeping yoshon, it is extremely important that accurate information be relayed, so we are encouraging text chats to the main number instead. Do note that although it is a New Jersey number, it is answered in Arizona, so in spring/summer is 3 hours behind (MST all year), and in fall/winter is 2 hours behind. The best time to text or What’sApp is from 12 Noon to 7 PM EST Sunday through Thursdays.


July 14, 2020 – Chodosh Bulletin Update – “The Oat Harvest Has Begun”

The oat harvest has started. For those who stock up on oats, please do so now. At this point, there are NO chodosh oats on the market. The pace of the harvest and milling will determine when chodosh oats will actually reach the market. At this point, an estimated cut off date for oats is July 20th with a purchase date of July 29th. This date is estimated and can change based on many factors such as the weather on the plantations and the progress of the harvest which has been affected by Covid-19.

The spring wheat and barley harvest have not yet begun.

Updates will be issued in about a week, based on the progress of the harvest.

This information is public and can be reprinted with this disclaimer: The Guide does not post any information online. Any sites that republish this information have done so on their own initiative. The guide does not take any responsibility for information reposted online or in any other fashion.

Mrs. Rosskamm
The Guide to Chodosh”

(Source: Project Chodosh)


June 30, 2020 – Notice in COR’s “Kosher Gram”

“THE CHODOSH SEASON is approaching. Those who want to purchase Yoshon items to store over the Chodosh season should prepare to do so. Please note that all grain and flour products that will be stored should be refrigerated in order to avoid insect infestation.”

(Source: COR of Detroit)


There is nothing to report this month.


July 7, 2020 - KIND Issues Voluntary Recall Due to Undeclared Sesame Seeds in Oats & Honey

Although it was a minor recall, we decided to at least post this in the newsletter. These bars would still be yoshon., and do contain oats. The FDA report can be seen using this link:

(Source: FDA)


Coupons for Kellogg’s Cereals: Lots of cereals, and a Morning Star Farms coupon.

Coupon for General Mill’s Cereals and Chex Mix: Not as many as usual, but it is something.

We hope you and your family stay safe and well!

Kol Tuv,

The TYNI Staff

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