Subject: New pattern "Cobweb of Life" now available + discount just for you😍

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New Knitting Pattern Available Now
"Cobweb of life creates unknown patterns. Sometimes it forms droplets of tears, sometimes leaves with its own embellishments and flourish. It all depends on how you look..."
One ball of lightweight cobweb yarn is all you need for this delicate and enriched shawl. "Cobweb of Life" is a gorgeous rectangular shawl that has 3 different lace patterns.

First, you knit the lower edging of the shawl in an airy pattern embellished with nupp stitches. Then you proceed with the complimentary side edges framing the mesh of light Estonian lace (with nupps of course). Finally, the upper lace border gives this romantic beauty a charming finishing touch.

Allow yourself to dive into a world of elegant Estonian lace. You’ll be addicted!
Knitting pattern
"Cobweb of Life"
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Offer ends on August 29, 2020!
By the way, let me introduce you to my mom. 
Her name is Õnne 
("Õnn" means happiness when we translate it to English directly). 

She's into weaving, knitting sock, and keeping bees. Lately, she discovered lace knitting world for herself and all she wants to do is knit Estonian lace shawls :)
, Rookopli 24-2, 92413, Kärdla, Estonia
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