Subject: ION:SMG’s Member’s Backstage Information 2020 #3

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Sierra Madre Games & Ion Game Design’s
Members Backstage Information October 2020
Hi all,

It is autumn in Sweden and we for one are excited for woolly sweaters, colourful leaves and lots of time for snuggling up with our loved ones around a board game. Which board game that would be is of course up to each of us, but if you are having trouble deciding, maybe take a peek into our webshop? Just an innocent little thought. :)

All the best from Stockholm, Sweden!
Besime & Hanna

Top Story: 
Ion Game Design will launch a new Kickstarter campaign on October 20th
Do not miss out!
Hang on to yer knickers, folks! It´s not only one, but two brand new games! In a dual campaign coming to Kickstarter in October of 2020, Ion Game Design introduces Bios: Mesofauna and Galenus. How, what, who, when, wait, what? No worries. We´ve got the inside scoop right here:

Two great games, one epic Kickstarter campaign! 

Bios: Mesofauna an excellent game for anyone interested in biology in general and insects in particular. It is an entry game for the Bios- series of games, possible to integrate with Bios:Megafauna or in the optional Bios campaign mode. As a player you become a phyla of bugs, able to spread, mutate and speciate over the course of 500 million years. 

The game consists of three variants, Caterpillar, Cocoon and Butterfly with increasing complexity. Caterpillar is easy enough for anyone to start learning to play Bios-games, and easy enough to be played with children age 7 and up. Butterfly features great additions compared to the sister game Bios:Megafauna, such as a reworked continental drift mechanic, parasites that spread on creeples instead of biomes and more.

Galenus focuses on the time of Galen, a doctor celebrated above all others. His work and writings are from the second century CE, when medicine in Imperial Rome was an art of excellence and advances, comprised of showmanship and bitter rivalries between practitioners. Galen’s writings would be the epitome of medicine for more than one thousand years to come. Players act as doctors starting out by simply studying, then treating patients, hopefully accumulating reputation, and finally competing against each other in showy demonstrations to prove their worth. 

Galenus uses a unique action selection mechanism where you decide how many of your pawns to put out and when to start resolving them. In this way, some players can still be placing their pawns while you are already resolving yours. The winning player is the one who first publishes eight works or proves to be the very best doctor by collecting the most prestige in the eyes of *pause for dramatic effect* THE ALL MIGHTY GALENUS!
New International Marketing Director

We are super excited to have Jessica Cassady on board with us! To our delight she has joined Ion Game Design as International Marketing Director. She will be responsible for promoting new releases in the ION, ION:LIGHT and ION:SMG product lines along with the current catalog of Ion Game Design’s published games.

Jessica brings a wide range of board game business acumen and experience to the team. She has provided marketing services to Artana Games, Greenbrier Games, and Mighty Boards. In addition, she has provided consulting services in game development, rules editing, customer experience management, as well as booth management for numerous conventions. Jessica shares, “I have always enjoyed the historical genre of the board game hobby and the strategy of decisions within that content. I enjoy playing board games for the experiences they offer with family and friends. Playing games from Ion Game Design and Sierra Madre Games has provided many of those incredible experiences and I am thrilled to be a part of the team delivering these great games and so many more to come!

Teach and Play-Through

Heavy Cardboard Epic High Frontier 4 All with Modules 0, 1, & 2 Event with Teach & 3 player Play-Through

We were so excited to join in Chat earlier this month on the Heavy Cardboard YouTube Channel to watch & interact with the extensive Teach & Play-Through of High Frontier 4 All with Modules 0, 1, and 2. It is an Epic Event and includes interaction with the viewers, talking through turns, and game discussion. All of these details offer a lot of insight into the incredible gaming experience we were trying to create with High Frontier 4 All, and of course add a lot to the game length - 13 Hours - Wow! Your plays won’t require this amount of time but we hope they will be just as much fun!. Check it out to see folks having an epically great time enjoying High Frontier 4 All!

High Frontier 4 All

The vessels that have our containers with High Frontier 4 All core game, Module 1, Module 2, High Frontier upgrade kit and the High Frontier Neoprene Mat are on the way to the fulfilment centres. For tracking see link:

Funagain. North America

Aimplify, Europe

Floship, Rest of World
The games have reached Hong Kong, but are still pending arrival to the actual fulfilment center Floship. As soon as the games have arrived at the fulfilment centers we will start sending it out. 


On Friday afternoon, October 16th, we received the digital samples for Pax Viking, Pax Renaissance 2nd ed. and High Frontier 4 All Module 3. All components have been checked and feedback sent to the manufacturer Longpack.
Longpack will then make the changes necessary and start the mass production. As soon as the mass production starts we will receive a mass production sample. The reason we receive mass production samples (although we just received a digital sample) is because there might be some issues once the printing in the big production machines starts. These triple check procedures have been put in place to ensure the quality of every print run.

Wishing you great game sessions until next time!
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