Subject: European Day of Parks: We need you!

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"Cultural Heritage: It's in Our Nature"

Can you imagine a day where all Protected Areas in Europe would call their community to celebrate their natural heritage? Well, that is the reason of our European Day of Parks!

Since 1999, the EUROPARC Federation challenges 
all Parks in Europe to organise activities
 in and around the 24th of May.

Cultural Identity is rooted in the connection to the land! Look at your local traditions, at the stories your landscape tells, at the crafts, literature and art, at the architectonic styles, or even at the food you eat… Cultural heritage it's in our Nature! This year, we will be celebrating the European Year for Cultural Heritage.

We have created guidelines with ideas and resources for your activities and promotion tools in 20 European languages! 

After setting up your event, please REGISTER here, so we can promote it widely across Europe!

together to celebrate the European Day of Parks

IUCN and EUROPARC have joined forces this year for a greater celebration of the European Day of Parks across both networks. 

On 24th May, a free webinar will be jointly hosted, where we will be sharing the best case studies from PANORAMA – Solutions for a Healthy Planet - a global repository of success stories in conservation and sustainable natural resource use.

We need your case study!

We kindly invite all Protected Areas to submit their case studies related to cultural heritage on PANORAMA web platform. The best solutions submitted will be invited to present at the Webinar. Besides, IUCN will also promote a different success story from European protected areas each day that week. We look forward to receiving your contributions!

Share your success story on PANORAMA before the 20th of April,
 and inspire the protected area community with your example.

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