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Join Tara LaShawn on a journey to 
worth, wonder & wholeness...

As You Examine The Shadow And Light Of Your Personality Type To Heal The Hidden Trauma And Unconscious Blocks At The Root

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"It's time for the person in the mirror to reflect the authentic soul inside."

In my fourteen years of spiritual formation work, as well as my years of theological studies, experience as a HeartMath coach and mentor, and continuing education on servant leadership, contemplative practices, and authentic empowerment, and even my personal experiences, I’ve seen that… 

The reasons you have been struggling to transform the person in the mirror into the authentic soul inside are likely not what you think they are...

The reasons tend to center around unconscious emotional responses developed in childhood to cope with feelings of anger, fear, or shame.  

When I recognized the disconnect between who I was inside and who I saw in the mirror, I had to make a conscious, intentional choice to do something differently.

So, my growth has come from a sense of self that is grounded in confronting my truth consciously not succumbing to the subconscious illusions of my ego or coping mechanisms that no longer serve me. 

It has come from an awareness of my personality type that acknowledges and integrates shadow and light so that I am constantly striving to live at my highest level of truth and integrity. 

It came from recognizing the importance of how I invested my energy, from integrating a higher consciousness with my embodied consciousness, from contemplative practices and habits that put me on a path to Blissful Authenticity.

The first step along this path is Awareness, and this requires looking into the mirror of your soul, becoming consciously aware of the subtleties and complexities, the shadow and light.  

That is why I am so excited about the Discovery Session: Own Your Authenticity. Rethink Your Story. Rediscover Your Truth. Redefine Success.

An intensive process of examination, discovery, and transformation that will catapult you to healthier levels of development, bliss, and authenticity QUICKLY.

This life-changing process creates sacred space for you to embrace and embody the wisdom, strategies, and practical tools to live your highest truth from a place of authentic empowerment.  The process includes:
  • the online Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI v.2.5) assessment
  • a professionally prepared written report of your RHETI results
  • one 60-minute virtual feedback conversation via Zoom

At the end of this process, you will have...

  • New insights about your basic personality type, its triggers, and motivations
  • A heightened awareness of your emotional center and therefore, your dominant emotional response to stress  
  • Strategies to heal from the hidden traumas and unconscious blocks
  • An UNDENIABLE confidence and courage to embrace your shadow and light
  • Self-acceptance that allows you to live more authentically at healthier levels of development for your personality type
  • Tools to identify when you are moving in the Direction of Integration (Growth) and/or Disintegration (Stress)
  • An intimate relationship with the soul behind the person you see in the mirror
  • See new possibilities as you become more conscious and intentional
Whatever anger, fear, or shame you had is dissipating.  You have the courage and fortitude to face your shadow and light.

And you are not alone on this journey...
As your coach and mentor, I am here to help you process the results, to push you to own your TRUTH, and to DARE you to move to higher levels of integration and authenticity.

The Discovery Session: Own Your Authenticity is a sacred process that takes you through the stages of assessment, discovery, and support.

I will be holding space for you throughout this process and holding you accountable for the intentions you set.

When you say yes, you are committing to do the inner work and to integrate your new level of awareness into living at healthier levels of development.

Discovery Session: Own Your Authenticity is a living, breathing, evolving experience.

And it’s for those bold enough to take a good look in the mirror, those brave enough to shed their old stories, and those bodacious enough to embrace their shadow and light so that the reflection in the mirror reflects the soul inside!  

By creating heightened awareness of your personality type, releasing old stories, building new habits, and moving in the direction of integration, you are establishing a solid foundation of AWARENESS as the first stage along your path to Blissful Authenticity!

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Light, Truth & Love,

Tara LaShawn Seabrook

Your Authenticity Specialist & Resilience Coach



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The Enneagram helps us begin an honest interrogation of the depths of our identity, of who we really are. When we accept our inherent beauty, we find the courage to examine what makes us beautiful—to honestly encounter both the good and the bad, the shadow and the light.

-Christopher Heuertz
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