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Waltz Time (1945)
Starring Carol Kaye and Peter Graves

Beautiful print and will play in all DVD players.
Director: Paul L. Stein
Writers: Henry C. James, Karl Rossier

Stars: Carol Raye, Peter Graves, Patricia Medina, John Ruddock, Harry Welchman, Richard Tauber, Thorley Walters, George Robey, Wylie Watson

Songs include:

The Heavenly Waltz
Music by Hans May
Lyrics by Alan Stranks
Sung by Carol Raye

This Land of Mine
Music by Hans May
Lyrics by Alan Stranks
Sung by Carol Raye

Only to You
Music by Hans May
Lyrics by Alan Stranks
Sung by Carol Raye

Call to Arms
Music by Hans May
Lyrics by Alan Stranks
Sung by Carol Raye

You Will Return to Vienna
Music by Hans May
Lyrics by Alan Stranks
Sung by Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth

Break of Day
Music by Hans May
Lyrics by Alan Stranks
Sung by Richard Tauber

Little White Horse
Music by Hans May
Lyrics by Alan Stranks
Sung by Kurt Wagener
If you enjoy old Vienna era music and dancing entertainment, then you will love this movie. This movie has it all, romance, comedy, drama, music, and dancing. It also has some suspense in terms of what will happen next. The songs and dancing are very refreshing. This movie is reminiscent of another movie named "Spring Parade" starring Deanna Durbin. They both have the same ingredients as well as a beautiful singing starlet (Empress vs. Peasant Girl). And, apart from the great singing voice of the beautiful Carol Raye, there is the added icing on the cake of the gorgeous Patricia Medina. Yes, it is a plot of Old versus New with added sub-plots of honesty, loyalty and misguided flirting.
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Betrayed (1954)

Stars: Clark Gable, Lana Turner, Victor Mature

Clark Gable's final effort for his longtime home studio MGM, Betrayed is an exciting espionage thriller set during World War II. Intelligence agent Gable is ordered to keep tabs on suspected Nazi collaborator Lana Turner (a brunette for the occasion). Both Gable and Turner join the Dutch underground, making contact with a flamboyant resistance leader known as "The Scarf" (Victor Mature). Turner poses as a sexy chanteuse, the better to gain the confidence of the lascivious Nazi officers. Within the next few weeks, several underground operatives are captured and shot, and it begins to look as though Gable's suspicions concerning Turner are correct. The real collaborator is revealed some twenty minutes before the finale, but the suspense level is expertly maintained throughout. The location-filmed Betrayed would later be mercilessly lampooned in the 1984 spy spoof Top Secret!
Air Patrol (1962)

Stars: Willard Parker, Merry Anders, Robert Dix

Air Patrol is a 62-minute Cinemascope programmer, specifically designed for lower berths in 20th Century-Fox double-feature programs. Willard Parker and Robert Dix play a pair of airborne detectives, in search of a couple of art thieves. The criminals have made a clean getaway, courtesy of a helicopter. Using what few clues they have (including a cryptic ransom note), Parker and Dix climb into their own copter and take chase. The high-above-the-clouds climax, photographed by John M. Nickolaus Jr., is the best part of the film.
Branded (1931)

Stars: Buck Jones, Ethel Kenyon, Wallace MacDonald

On his way to claim an inheritance, Tom, aka Cuthbert Chauncey Dale (Buck Jones), and his pal "Swede" (John Oscar) witness a stagecoach hold-up. The lone gunman escapes but leaves the loot behind and Chauncey and "Swede" soon find themselves arrested for the crime. They manage to escape, however, and later befriends the gunman, Starrett (Wallace MacDonald), whom Tom invites to work on his inherited ranch. Along with a dilapidated ranch house, the property also contains a strip of land separating the wealthy Preston spread from an especially rich pasture. After quarreling with supercilious Lou Preston (Ethel Kenyon), Tom chases her off his property, but Joe Moore (Albert J. Smith), the Preston foreman who is in love with Lou, mistakes the scene for a lovers' tiff. When Tom mortgages his ranch in order to buy cattle, Moore has his buddy Bill Saunders (Robert Kortman) "sell" him cattle stolen from the Preston herd. Believing the newcomer to be a common rustler, an angry Lou gives Tom 24 hours to leave or else! Just then, Sheriff Mac (Philo McCullough arrives to arrest Tom for the stagecoach robbery. Everything is ironed out, however, when a witness to the robbery identifies Starrett, who is killed in a gunfight with Moore. A recalcitrant Lou apologizes to Tom and they embrace.
Between Love & Goodbye (2008)

Stars: Simon Miller, Rob Harmon, Ryan Turner

In this romantic drama with music from writer and director Casper Andreas, handsome Kyle (Simon Miller) and equally good-looking Marcel (Justin Tensen) fall in love at first sight, and after several months of courtship decide they want to make their relationship long-term. However, there's a hitch -- Marcel is French and his visa to stay in the United States is due to expire. Since Kyle and Marcel can't legally get married (not yet, anyway), they come up with a plan -- Marcel will instead tie the knot with Kyle's lesbian friend Sarah (Jane Elliott), which will earn him a green card so he can stay in America. Kyle's and Marcel's friends and family are OK with the scheme, and even Sarah doesn't want to stand in the way of true love, but there is one significant dissenter -- Kyle's sister, April (Rob Harmon), a former streetwalker who ends up staying at her brother's place. April doesn't like or trust Marcel and sets out to poison the relationship between them. April attempts to cement her long-frazzled relationship with Kyle by asking him to help her form a band; as they work on songs together, their familial bond becomes strong again as she tries to subtly persuade her brother that he needs to dump Marcel and expose his scheme to the INS. While Marcel quickly catches on to April's devious plan, turning the man he loves against his own sister is no simple task. Between Love & Goodbye received its North American premiere at the 2008 NewFest, a New York City-based festival for gay- and lesbian-themed films.

Air Raid Wardens (1943)

Stars: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Edgar Kennedy

Set in wartime (WW II), this film finds the fat guy, skinny guy comedy duo not much good at any attempted professions; they can't even enlist in the war effort. None of the services want them. But they do become air raid wardens, at least for a while, until their misadventures continue. They get all boozed up and are kicked off the air raid squad, too! But things get better when they thwart a spy ring and save the day.
Keir Dullea

Kay Francis

George Montgomery

Marie Windsor

Joan Crawford

Bette Davis

Elizabeth Montgomery

Anna May Wong

Dawn Wells

Lizabeth Scott

Humphrey Bogart

Billy De Wolfe

Burt Lancaster

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