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March 2019
Dear readers,

As spring brings the first warm sun rays to Europe and life is blossoming in your protected area, we want to share with you some refreshing opportunities and inspiring events for the coming months.

Until the May 3rd, we invite all young professionals working for nature to apply to the Alfred Toepfer Natural Heritage Scholarship. With the generous support of the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung, we will award three scholarships worth €3.000 each, enabling young professionals to undertake study visits on a particular theme to one or more Protected Areas in European countries.

Within the same deadline, EUROPARC Members have a chance to nominate individuals who have made a contribution to nature conservation in Europe through an experienced body of work, to be awarded the Alfred Toepfer Medal 2019.

Meanwhile, registrations to the International Junior Ranger Camp and the Youth+ Camp are open, and the 
EUROPARC Youth Manifesto is nominated to win The Rural Inspiration Awards, now we need your vote!

Other important dates are the European Day of Parks on the 24th of May (have you already registered your events?) and the TransParcNet Meeting 2019 which takes place in the transboundary area composed by Oulanka and Paanajärvi National Parks (Finland and Russia). We hope to have your participation in both events!

Happy readings,
Your Directorate team

Investing in young professionals working for Protected Areas

EUROPARC strongly believes that young people have a vital role to play in caring for Europe’s natural heritage. Like everything else, the future of Protected Areas relies on the young generation taking an active and informed role. Each year the EUROPARC Federation, with support from the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S., awards three Alfred Toepfer Natural Heritage Scholarships to promising young conservationists, who are committed to working for the benefit of Protected Areas. The aim of the scholarships is to enhance international cooperation and to advance the quality, innovation and European dimension of Protected Area management.

Each scholarship is worth €3.000 and enables successful applicants to undertake a study visit on a particular theme to one or more Protected Areas in European countries.

The call is open to all young professionals up to 35 years, working in topics related to Protected Areas in Europe. Find out how to apply and win your Scholarship in 5 steps here:

The Rural Inspiration Awards

The Rural Inspiration Awards recognise inspiring initiatives funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) that demonstrate the contribution of rural development policy towards a more competitive, sustainable and inclusive rural Europe.

EUROPARC Youth Manifesto is one of the Rural Inspiration Awards' finalists and we need your support to win the popular vote category! Vote until 11th of April at 12.00 (CET) here!
Alfred Toepfer Medal 2019

The Alfred Toepfer Medal is awarding people who made a contribution to nature conservation in Europe through an experienced body of work. This should be specifically related to protected areas and to sustainable development. Only EUROPARC members can nominate candidates for the Alfred Toepfer Medal.

Nominations should be submitted to EUROPARC with the present form by the 3rd of May 2019.
Please download the nomination form and send it back to

You can find more information about Alfred Toepfer Medal here
Siggen Seminar 2019: Youth involvement in Protected Areas
18th – 21st March, Gut Siggen, Germany 

Last week, continuing on from the launch of the Youth Manifesto, EUROPARC organised a two-day seminar for members, specifically focused on working with young people in protected areas. 
The Siggen Seminar enabled participants from all over Europe to further develop the Youth+ and Junior Ranger programmes, and to learn how the EUROPARC Youth Manifesto is being implemented across Europe. By bringing together park technicians and young people involved in the youth manifesto implementation, we had the chance to look at challenges and expectations, and draw solutions that will influence the future work of the Federation in the topic of youth engagement.
2019 International Junior Ranger Camp
Lahemaa National Park, Estonia, 7-10 July 2019

The 18th International Junior Ranger Camp 2019 will take place in Lahemaa National Park, Estonia, from 7th to th 13th of July
Deadline to register is the 15th of May 2019 so be fast if you want to secure your place.
Download your registrations form, and find out more about the program here!
International Youth+ camp
Kullaberg Nature Reserve, Sweden, 3-8 August 2019

This International Youth+ camp for youth from 18 to 26 years old including workshops, working in nature and an excursion will take place in Kullaberg Nature Reserve, Sweden, from the 3rd to the 8th of August 2019
Maximum number of participant is limited - 25 - so you will want to secure your place.
The costs are approx. € 100 for the camp, plus your travel expenses to Kullaberg/Helsingborg. 
If you are interested, or you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send an e-mail for more information at: or

11th-14th of June, Oulanka National Park, Kuusamo, Finland

This year’s TransParcNet Meeting takes place from 11th until the 14th of June in Oulanka National Park, Kuusamo, Finland. It will focus on Management Challenges in Transboundary Parks. It will also provide a chance to take part in a post-trip to Paanajärvi National Park in Russia.
The registrations will open soon, with a deadline on 28th of April. Find out all the details here.


Webinar: Monitoring & Managing visitors in Protected Areas
On March 7th 2019, a dedicated webinar to the project CEETO – Central Europe Eco-Tourism: tools for nature protection was presented by EUROPARC Federation and broadcasted through online channels. This webinar was part of the CEETO project agenda, and it was attended by 206 attendees from more than 15 countries from all over the world.You can watch the full recording here!
European Parks Academy 2019
In 2019, the European Parks Academy will take place from 15-21 July, again in Klagenfurt with the Lakeside Campus next to the Wörthersee as attractive academy venue.
In that 3rd round of the European Parks Academy, participants can choose among three different modules:
  • Module A: World Heritage Sites & Sustainable Tourism
  • Module B: Ecological Monitoring & Innovative Technologies
  • Module C: Transboundary Protected Areas & Successful Management (with the participation of EUROPARC)
Training for professionals
The academy program is designed for professionals in nature conservation from all over the world, including administrative and technical staff of protected area management bodies, consultancies and planning companies, NGOs and international institutions, interested scientists or researchers as well as representatives of stakeholder groups having a professional interest in conservation.

You can read more and register here!
How can sheep help us preventing fire? – a case study from Collserole Nature Park
IMPACT Interreg Europe project, an interregional cooperation initiative that aims to find innovative models for developing socio-economic activities in Protected Areas and in which EUROPARC is a partner institution, has been an opportunity to explore different approaches on how protected area managers face the challenge of nature conservation.
One of this cases is the Promotion of eco-pasture, or controlled grazing, as a mean to maintain both remarkable natural habitats and open spaces for fire prevention in forest areas. This initiative was seen in Collserola Nature Park, Spain, where park managers support farmers to use sheep flocks for the clearance of fire protection fringes in order to reduce the costs derived of carrying out a mechanical clearance.


Students taking the future into their own hands
The movement full of passionate young people connected by the fight for their future might have started small, but it is definitely growing. On March 15th they organised  the biggest #FridaysForFuture protest yet, with the entire world joining the Nobel peace prize nominee Greta Thunberg.
Read more about it here!
Survey of Protected Area Finance Capacity Needs

This survey is designed to better understand the knowledge and capacity development needs of the broad conservation community with regards to protected area finance. The results will help to inform the work of the Conservation Finance Alliance Working Group on Protected Areas Finance, and through the CFA, it will be used to inform the wider community of protected area finance practitioners.
The survey is designed for conservation practitioners that work in protected areas or on protected area issues.
Find out more and coplete the survey available in English, French and Spanish here!
World Water Day 2019: Leaving no one behind
World Water Day shines a light on those people who are missing the human right to safe water and sanitation. According to WHO/UNICEF (2017) Progress on drinking water, sanitation and hygiene 2.1 billion people live without safe water at home This year, with the main theme being “Leaving no one behind” it focused on the goal of providing water for all by 2030. 

LIFE Calls for proposals 2019
The Commission published 2019 calls for proposals!
You can find all the information about projects as well as rules on who can apply and how to apply here

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