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Happy Landing (1938)
Starring Sonja Henie and Don Ameche

Beautiful print and will play in all DVD players.
Director: Roy Del Ruth
Writers: Boris Ingster, Milton Sperling

Stars: Sonja Henie, Don Ameche, Jean Hersholt, Ethel Merman, Cesar Romero, Billy Gilbert, Raymond Scott Quintet, Leah Ray, Condos Brothers
Songs include:

Hot and Happy
Written by Samuel Pokrass and Jack Yellen
Sung by Ethel Merman
also played for the skating finale

A Gypsy Told Me
Written by Samuel Pokrass and Jack Yellen
Sung by Leah Ray
also later sung by Don Ameche

You Are the Music to the Words in My Heart
Written by Samuel Pokrass and Jack Yellen
Sung by Ethel Merman

Yonny and His Oompah
Written by Samuel Pokrass and Jack Yellen
Sung by El Brendel
Skated to by Sonja Henie

You Appeal To Me
Written by Walter Bullock and Harold Spina
Sung by Ethel Merman accompanied by Raymond Scott and his quintet
also used as background music during a skating number

War Dance for Wooden Indians
Written by Raymond Scott
Performed by The Raymond Scott Quintet
Danced by Nick Condos and Steve Condos
HAPPY LANDING, directed by Roy Del Ruth, is an agreeable musical with an impressive cast headed by Olympic ice skating champion, Sonja Henie, in her third and longest (103 minutes) film in her career. It reunites her with ONE IN A MILLION (1936) co-stars, Don Ameche and Jean Hersholt, as well as pairing her for the first time opposite Cesar Romero. Romero, an icon of 20th-Fox, appears more on the level as Henie's co-star than Ameche, at least until later on where the actors team up equally as rivals of her affection.
HAPPY LANDING plays like a travelogue with surroundings from New York to Norway to Paris to Florida (Miami) and finally New York again.
Tunes aside, plot makes way for comedy bits by character types as Wally Vernon (who can easily be confused with Sid Silvers) as Al Mahoney, the third member of Duke's troupe who at one point performs a striptease to entertain reporters (one of them being Lon Chaney Jr.) while awaiting for an interview at the airport; Billy Gilbert playing the counterman in his amusing bit of confusion with "Pot roast vs. hamburger supreme" routine with Ameche; and finally El Brendel appearing briefly as a Central Park music conductor.
Order this rarely-seen and hard-to-find classic today for the low price of $5.99.
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