Subject: Do NOT back front runners...

Hello Friend

Do NOT back front runners...

...until you've read this great free report from my good friend Ben Aitken. :) 

Ben produces some of the best free reports around, especially if you're a jumps fan, and he's excelled himself again here. 

In this new report he's focused on 5 trainers who excel with their front runners, in certain conditions. It really is top rate content and now that At The Races produce free pace maps within their cards, there is no excuse not to take note and put this information into action. 

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As an example, inside you can find out which big name trainer is responsible for the following...
  • all hurdles/chases
  • front runner (use ATR!) 
  • Class 2 or below (so, not class 1) 
201 Bets | 100 winners!  | 50% S/R | +£123.35 BFLSP (+£126.41 Early Prices)

That's +£616.75 to just £5 bets at Betfair SP. Madness.   

The information in this free report is very valuable and if you've any interest in making money on the winter jumps game, you'll give it a read. 

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I meet up with Ben a couple of times a year, usually at Pontefract (worth a visit). He's a top bloke and has long been nestled in the top 5 email lists you should be on, even more so if you love your jumps racing. His free reports are second to none and this is no exception. 

There's more where this one came from. You'll also have access to an alternative 20 to follow , and 5 trainers who excel with unexposed handicap chasers. 

All three reports will be emailed out to you when signing up. 

And of course, you can unsubscribe from his free list anytime you wish, albeit i've no idea why you would. 

All the best, 

p.s what are you waiting for...get stuck in HERE>>> and start profiting from these front runners today. 

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