Subject: 9 Uses for Forsythia • Herbal Deodorant • Floral Foot Scrubs + More

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9 Uses for Forsythia Flowers

Yesterday, I took a walk with my daughter and we collected all of the pretty flowers and herbs shown in the basket above. After she asked me about how I planned to use some of the flowers, I realized that I’ve never written up a “things to make” post about one of my spring favorites – forsythia flowers!

Forsythia bushes not only offer a pretty burst of color in early spring, the flowers are also edible and can be used in many food and DIY beauty & body care recipes. {continue reading...}
Spring Flower Foot Scrub Bars

These pretty spring flower foot scrub bars are simple to make and require just three ingredients:

• fresh flowers/herbs
• sea salt
• coconut oil

Use them to polish & prepare your feet for sandal weather! {read more...}
DIY Herbal Deodorant for Women

This homemade deodorant is specially designed for women. It contains herbs that are used to promote lymph flow and prevent or treat issues with inflamed or cystic breast tissue. 

Instead of applying a chemical laden product under your arms each day, try this healthy herbal alternative instead! {read more...}
Something Fun

The Herbal Academy has two goodies that you may enjoy.

1. A blog post with links to various free botanical thank you cards, gift tags & wrapping paper. {find that here...}

2. Plus they're offering one free spot in their upcoming Botany & Wildcrafting Class (which looks amazing, by the way!) {learn more about it...}
Question of the Week:

This week is a little different than the usual QoW, because I have something to ask you! If you have a moment, could you answer one quick question for me?

What would you like to know about making your own lotions and creams?

Just hit reply to this newsletter and let me know your answer. I'll read every single one over the next week. Your input will help me better customize recipes and resources for you. Thanks! :)  
Inspiring Ideas from the Archives:
Heal Diabetic Sores
with Raw Honey
This is the story of how my dad healed his diabetic sore with raw honey after conventional treatments weren't working. {read more...}
5 Uses
for Violet Vinegar
Learn how to make violet vinegar plus 5 ways to use it around your home. {read more...}
Honey & Dandelion
Soap Recipe
One of my yearly traditions is making up a new dandelion soap recipe to celebrate the arrival of spring! Here's a favorite version. (I haven't made this year's yet!) {read more...}
Life Happenings:

I can't stop experimenting with all sorts of dried flowers on top of soap! The bars shown in the photo are topped with flowering quince collected from the old house I grew up in. You can see the details better HERE on my Instagram account.

I'm so happy that we're getting more signs of spring! Even though this weekend's weather is cold & icky, winter is definitely on its way out. I'm more active on Instagram in the spring & summer, so if you haven't joined me there yet, this is a good time to do so!

Right after sending the last newsletter, my plans and goals got majorly waylaid by the dreaded flu! (Thank goodness for elderberry & spilanthes!) This week I hope to get to work on those aftershave recipes I mentioned last time, along with catching up on backlogged emails and comments.

I'm also working on a couple of natural soap recipe collections - more details on that soon!

Have a great weekend!
Jan, The Nerdy Farm Wife

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