Subject: Day 5: Residual income - WHAT it is and WHY you want it..

Residual Income pays you over and over and over again

Residual Income - WHAT It IS And WHY You Want It! You CAN Make It Happen For Yourself! Get RID OF That 9 to 5.. and/or being totally broke!!

I hope you are enjoying your day, Friend! I sure am!!

Curt here - and today's topic is RESIDUAL INCOME.

What IS residual income? Here is a great explanation of residual income.

As you can see, residual income is money that just keeps on pouring-in, long after you did the work it took to actually MAKE the money.

Isn't that cool???

Imagine having a stream of income - even a tiny stream - coming in to your bank account each and every month, all because of something you already did! A person can create as many different income streams as he or she chooses.

Even if you had only 1 residual income stream that paid you as much as you make at your current J.O.B., wouldn't that be a total life-changer for you?

A J.O.B. will never give you residual income. You are simply trading hours for dollars at your 9 to 5.

I just wanted to put the idea into your head of what is possible when you start a "work at home" business. Once you get the proper mindset, it won't be just "possible", it'll be "expected". Yes, anybody can do this for themselves. 

The best way out there to make or create your own residual income is by doing it online, with your computer or smart phone (or both). Specifically, network marketing and/or affiliate marketing, are the easiest ways to get started without a bunch of capital upfront.

In the next email we will go over the idea of having MULTIPLE STREAMS of residual income online.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Curt Miller

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― Maya Angelou

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