Subject: Day 6: Creating Multiple Streams For Yourself

Day 6 already, wow!!  I hope we're already connected in FutureNet - if not, add me now.

It's Curt here, again and yesterday I showed you the difference between a linear income, where you trade hours for dollars.. and residual income, which benefits you with a steady cash flow sometime after you've done the work and it just keeps on going.. possibly even increasing as time goes on!

In today's message - we are going to go above and beyond the idea of just "residual income'. Today, the topic is "MULTIPLE STREAMS of INCOME.. and TRAFFIC".  

Now, I'm guessing that you already understand that having one source of income isn't as good as having several. I don't know.. maybe you've never thought about it? Well, just in case you need convinced that one might not be secure enough, read this.  

Most millionaires have at least a dozen separate income streams flowing in from different places. These millionaires are always on the lookout for more, as well, to add to their collection. And why NOT? The more, the merrier, right?

The topic of this email falls into what our plan is. In a nutshell, with these revshares your best bet is to be involved with more than just 1 program. "Several eggs in several baskets" is a great strategy for this. At minimum - "a few eggs in a few baskets" will work.  Just make sure there is more than 1 basket

These REV SHARE programs are both TRAFFIC and MONEY baskets. But you DO have to look at this in a certain way to make sure it/they will work for you. I'll explain that in the next email. 

Anyways, you want to have a product or service to offer or sell. There are lots of things you can do in that department, which I'll cover later, too. 

Me? I'm selling people on the idea of buying adpacks to get "cashback advertising", which is a service that is really in demand. Traffic rules the world!!  :-)  Well, almost - did you know that 1.5 BILLION PER DAY is spent on "online advertising"??  

If green to all of this - you could do the same thing, as well, and maybe someday you'll find something out there that you want to promote or that you feel will help people if they bought it. So don't worry if you have have nothing to promote yet.

This idea of traffic is so important that I'll let you use your imagination towards what tomorrow's email will be about...  ;-) (Until then, come message me in FutureNet and say "hi"!!  BTW you get PAID for that.. but that is a great topic we didn't get to yet)

To your MASSIVE success!!

Curt Miller

“I was never really insane except upon occasions when my heart was touched.”
― Edgar Allan Poe

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