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February 2017 / 01

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This month we bring you a new look eNews, packed full of information, tips, ideas and opportunities to support and assist the work of your Protected Area. Follow us on Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter for current news and updates!

EUROPARC is launching a new communication tool, so we can better learn from each other and share good practise.
EUROPARC Webinars are a good opportunity to share good practices and learn from your peers across Europe, from the comfort of your desk! And they are FREE! The first webinar in February will focus on the Habitats Directive and we will hear some good practices from EUROPARC Central and Eastern Europe Section members. Register now to join in!

Every year, through the generous support of the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S, EUROPARC offers members the opportunity to join in a FREE training seminar. Each seminar tackles technical aspects of Protected Area management to provide members with practical ideas and solution. 
Registrations are now open for this year: the theme is Sustainable Agriculture in Protected Areas and will be held in Germany from 10th-13th March.

Want to learn about Protected Areas in Europe? We invite all young professionals (up to 35 years) working in Protected Areas administrations, agencies or NGOs to apply. Three scholarships of 3000€ each will be offered to undertake study visits in European Protected Areas.

EUROPARC Germany is offering a study trip for Protected Area professionals on the topic "Regional development and tourism in protected areas". Please contact them if you are interested in participating.

There is lots more... dare to scroll down and find out the latest updates on our lobbying work for you in Brussels, on EU policy as it impacts Protected Areas, whats’ happening around the EUROPARC network, interesting publications and much much more.

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In this issue...


> Alfred Toepfer Natural Heritage Scholarships call
> Alfred Toepfer Natural Heritage Scholarships Reports:
   Grassland Management in Protected Areas in Post-Communist Countries
   Commonalities and differences between two Adriatic Marine Protect Areas
> Germany - Opportunity for Park Staff International study trips
> Spain - Mountain races in protected areas

> Call for abstracts/ oral presentations on health and climate change in protected areas
> Poetry in motion, Northumberland National Park (UK)
> A boost to cross-border conservation in Albania and Montenegro 
> Tourism for Tomorrow Awards: Charter Area amongst the finalists

> Nature-based solutions to climate change mitigation and adaptation in urban areas, BfN
> PANORAMA Solutions in Focus: Transboundary Protected Area Solutions, IUCN
> UN Global Agenda, EU Panorama Magazine
> What is the way forward? Ecosystem Services
14th February 2017 - 16:00 CET

Can we learn from each other, sparing time and money? We believe so.
The EUROPARC Federation is very proud to invite you to participate in its first webinar! Join it it from any place: you will just need a device with internet connection.

EUROPARC Webinars will be a good opportunity to share good practices and learn with your peers from across Europe: in each edition we will have an expert in the subject and two practical examples arising from EUROPARC network.

Webinars are open not only to members but to everyone with an interest in Protected Areas. Participation is free, but you need to register first! Register today!

Training and experience exchange for members Siggen Seminar 2017

Protected Areas for Sustainable Agriculture: Sharing experiences from across Europe that support agriculture in Protected Areas

This year, the Siggen Seminar will run from 10th-13th March and will focus on Protected Areas promoting Sustainable Agriculture initiatives that:
  • contribute to protect habitats and species;
  • improve landscape management;
  • support the work landowners and farmers, and resulting in high-quality productions. 
In particular, we will be looking at some partnership and management practices from France, Italy, Nordic/Baltic countries and Ireland, with inputs from other organisations, with a view to developing new guidance and models to improve the cooperation between protected areas and the farming community.

if you have agriculture production in or around your Protected Area and, want to understand and develop more sustainable agriculture practices then this is the seminar for you!

Participation is free for EUROPARC members but places are limited. 
Please register as soon as possible. Read all information here.

EUROPARC Journal Protected Areas In-Sight is out!

The 8th edition of EUROPARC Journal follows the subject of our past conference: “We Are Parks!” highlighting the human dimension of Protected Areas. We bring you practical examples from across Europe, on the fields of governance, conservation, tourism, community involvement and much more, to inspire your daily work. 

Read it online or ask us for a printed copy.
Scotland's Campaign for new National Parks: EUROPARC at the Scottish Parliament

There is an intense campaign in Scotland for the creation of new National Parks. In January, the campaign reached the Scottish Parliament with an event entitled “Unfinished Business – More National Parks for Scotland”. Campaigners are showing the case for the establishment of 7 new national parks and invited 3 Protected Area experts to support their campaign. 
Carol Ritchie, EUROPARC Executive Director, was one of the invited speakers that showed the economic, environmental and social benefits that new National Parks would bring to the territory. Learn more about the campaign here.
The Tangier declaration: the role of Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas in climate change mitigation and adaptation

EUROPARC Federation participated in the 2nd Forum of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean, organised by MedPan (the network of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean) and RAC/SPA. The final output of the Forum was the creation of the Tangier declaration that will be used to update the 2020 MPA Roadmap, setting up recommendations for the Mediterranean Sea. 

This Roadmap aims to support the achievement of the international objective set by the Convention on Biological Diversity to protect 10 % of the Mediterranean Sea through an effective network of MPAs by 2020. Read more about the Tangier Declaration here.
Mediterranean: 7 good practices from the "Catalan Coast Conservation and Exploitation" workshop

The Mediterranean Sea faces severe challenges: fish stocks overexploited, high tourism pressure, climate change and non-native species. How is the Mediterranean being protected? Are there good practices going on? Read up the results of the 1st Catalan Coast Conservation and Exploitation workshop. 
Read the complete article here.

News from your BRUSSELS representation

The Environmental Implementation Review

The European Commission announced a new tool to help Member States better implementing EU Environmental policy on the fields of biodiversity, water, air quality and waste management. 

They've conducted an assessment to each Member State and produced:
- 28 country reports that map national strengths, opportunities and weaknesses;
- a Communication to the EU institutions, summarising the political conclusions of the country reports and examining common trends and good practices;
- Guidance for Member States, with suggested actions for better environmental implementation.

Learn more about the tool and explore the different resources available.

The EU Water Framework Directive: water governance across Europe

The EU Water Framework Directive (WDF) is EU’s forefront legislative instrument to protect European water resources. Last week, EUROPARC participated in the meeting "Water Governance Across Europe: In Light of the Review of the EU Water Framework Directive" that took place at the European Parliament. 

How is the water framework being by the State members? What are the challenges for the governance and management of water resources at policy and national levels? 


Transboundary Parks on IUCN Panorama Solutions

A new booklet entitled “Solutions in Focus: Transboundary Protected Area Solutions” has just been published by the PANORAMA initiative, coordinated by IUCN. In the booklet, you will find 17 solutions that have been implemented by protected area managers addressing conservation and economic challenges in transboundary regions.
Eight of the solutions focus on parks that have been certified through the EUROPARC Transboundary Parks Programme, discover them here

These solutions were developed in collaboration between protected area professionals and members of the Institute of Silviculture at the University of Natural Resources in Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria (BOKU) (Brady Mattsson and Sophia Fettinger) through the EU funded ForAdapt project.
Transboundary Parks strategy planning meeting

On 12th and 13th January, EUROPARC invited five distinguished members of TransParcNet, the network of EUROPARC’s certified transboundary areas, to a strategy planning meeting at the Federation's headquarters.
The two days of meeting were used efficiently to assess the status quo of the programme with its successes and its needs for the future. 

Read the full story or watch the short film made with the participants.
EUROPARC partner in new project! IMPACT Kick-off meeting

The European project IMPACT Interreg Europe - Innovative Models for Protected Areas: exChange and Transfer - has started with the celebration of a three day kick off meeting organised by the Andalusian Regional Council. This project will enable us to examine governance models that will be of benefit to all members. EUROPARC Federation, as the communication advisory partner of the project, contributed in this meeting. Read the full story and follow the project updates here.
European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas Award Ceremony 2016

In December 2016, EUROPARC organised the annual celebration of the Charter Network: the Charter Award Ceremony, hosted by the MEP Ramon Tremosa i Balcells. 19 Sustainable Destinations were awarded at the European Parliament, in Brussels, increasing the Charter network to 157 Sustainable Destinations in 19 countries

The ceremony was followed by a magnificent lunch celebrating the produce of the Parks from Catalonia, who've launched its sustainable tourism vision. The side event organised by the Government of Catalonia, the Catalan Tourism Board, the Girona Tourism Board and the Costa Brava Tourism. Get to know the parks awarded and re-awarded!
Photo Gallery
Check the photos of the Charter Award Ceremony at the European Parliament and the Side meeting at the Delegation of the Government of Catalonia to the EU.
Opportunity for Young Conservationists!
Alfred Toepfer Natural Heritage Scholarship - Call for applications

Every year, the EUROPARC Federation, with support from the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S., awards three Alfred Toepfer Natural Heritage Scholarships to promising young conservationists, who are committed to working for the benefit of Protected Areas. 
Each scholarship enables successful applicants to undertake a study visit on a particular theme to one or more Protected Areas in an European country. 

Applications are open until the 28th April and it is we invite professionals working in Protected Areas or in NGOs and students or graduated students, up to 35 years, to apply. Read more here.

Need inspiration to apply?
Roberto Piccirili (IT) and Ágnes Balázsi (RO), winners of the edition 2015, have just launched their reports! Read them below.
Commonalities and differences between two Adriatic Marine Protect Areas
Roberto Piccirilli focused his study on two Marine Protected Areas in the Adriatic sea - Marine Protected Area Torre del Cerrano, Italy, and Brijuni National Park, Croatia. Roberto analysed the similarities on the management and development of the MPAs, through the exchange of information and best practices between both areas, their human-environment and the efficient use of resources. Read the summary of his findings or download the full report.
Grassland Management in Protected Areas: A Study on the Implementation of the EU Biodiversity Strategy in Certain Post-Communist Countries.
Agnes focused her study on the implementation of the EU Biodiversity Strategy, with emphasis on grassland management, in 6 protected areas from Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Agnes analysed the similar challenges those countries face, due to their common historical background, and proposes measures for the effective management of grasslands. 


Germany - Opportunity for Park Staff: international study trips

EUROPARC Germany is organising 2 study trips in 2017 for park staff about accessibility and tourism development in Protected Areas. The main objective is to foster international cooperation and experiences exchange among Parks staff from across Europe. Get to know the complete programme of both study trips and apply today! Deadline for application - end of February.

Atlantic Isles - The future of the UK and Ireland's protected areas European Co-operation

A meeting for EAI members will be held in Crewe on 14 February 2017. The subject will be "The future of the UK and Ireland's protected area European Co-operation". The aim of the day will be to look at the work of the Federation and Atlantic Isles Section and identify a future strategy and activities to ensure continued co-operation, sharing and learning in light of devolution, Brexit and a changing Europe. 
Please contact Anita Prosser to reserve a place or for further information.

Spain - New President and Council members elected

On the 2nd February, members of EUROPARC Spain gathered in Madrid for the General Assembly, to vote for the new Council. 

Rafael Mata Olmo was elected President of the Council, becoming the 7th elected President since the foundation of EUROPARC Spain, in 1993. Rafael Mata Olmo will now replace Carles Castell, who have led the Council for the past 4 years. Get to know the new Council of EUROPARC Spain.
Interview with Marta Múgica
What are the key areas of work of EUROPARC Spain? The answers from Marta Múgica, Coordinator of EUROPARC Spain.

Spain - Mountain races in protected areas

EUROPARC Spain, in collaboration with FEDME (Spanish Federation for Mountain Sports and Climbing), launched the “Guide to good practices for holding mountain races in protected natural areas“. How can conservation and sport come together? What are the challenges arising in protected areas due the organisation of mountain races? Which solutions can be carried out?

EUROPARC Spain, with FEDME gathered over thirty relevant experts, including protected areas’ directors and conservationists, mountain sport technicians, runners and usual participants in this type of races. The document has been published by the Fernando González Bernáldez Foundation and it is available in Spanish, English and Catalan.


Health, Biodiversity and Climate Change

Open call for abstracts and oral presentations for the Conference "Biodiversity and Health in the Face of Climate Change", that will take place in Bonn, Germany, on the 27-29 June. 

The conference will highlight good practices, from a scientific, practical and policy perspective. 
Charter Area among the finalists of the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards

The World Travel & Tourism Council announced the 15 finalists of the annual award Tourism for Tomorrow”, which champions best practices on the field of tourism in 5 different areas.
Our member Pallas Yllastunturin National Park (Finland), who is also working with the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas, is one of the finalists!

A boost to cross-border conservation between Albania and Montenegro

The National Agency for Protected Areas of Albania and the Public Enterprise National Parks of Montenegro signed a cooperation agreement
, committing to enhance the cross-border cooperation in nature protection.
Poetry in motion

A great idea from the Northumberland National Park (UK): they have just launched a new app, entitled "Poems in the Air", which enables visitors to experience the landscape through the words of the poet Simon Armitage.


Nature-based solutions to climate change mitigation and adaptation in urban areas, BfN

Finding nature-based solutions for climate change adaptation and mitigation and helping city practitioners to learn from the experiences of colleagues in other parts of Europe. Download.

Solutions in Focus: Transboundary Protected Area Solutions, IUCN

PANORAMA Solutions, powered by IUCN, highlights 17 best practices from across the globe on Transboundary Cooperation. More than half come from EUROPARC Transboundary Parks Programme. Download

EU contribution strengthens UN Global Agenda, EU Panorama Magazine

The European Commission’s Winter Magazine, with an interesting focus on how the new European urban agenda and in the field of sustainable development. Download.

What is the way forward?

An interesting study on Ecosystem Services and community involvement, that draws 4 future scenarios for the Niraj and Târnava Mică region, in Romania. Available in English, Romanian and Hungarian. Download.


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