Subject: Meet My Partner, "KashBack Kina"

Meet "KashBack Kina"
Kina Bazyuk is a partner of mine, here, at She will be doing presentations and such, for the different social media outlets that we will be using. 

Kina shares the vision of BuyAdPacks - the vision of how the rev share model COULD and SHOULD become the #1 way of advertising on the internet... and wants to leverage it, much like I do. 

We understand that it is in our best interest to join and work several of the best rev share programs online.. not just a few of them.

You can connect with Kina on Future Net - this is where we will be building our businesses from. Kina's username is kinabaz - her profile link is:

Unlike FaceBook, we can have as many friends as we like in Future Net! and our posts will actually get seen by all of our friends. 

In tomorrow's email I'll actually tell you a bit about how the ad packs work and what we will be doing with them...  

To Your MASSIVE Success!!

Curt Miller

"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." - Eleanor Roosevelt

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