Subject: The KEY to using a traffic exchange rev share? Lead with the TRAFFIC

Curt here.. glad to be back!  

You didn't think I would leave ya "hangin'", did ya? If you've been reading these emails up until now, this tells me that you are serious about making things happen for yourself, congrats!!

The idea of how a traffic exchange works is exactly what it sounds like: people are in these sites "exchanging traffic". You view other people's websites and in return, they look at yours, as well. It's pretty cut and dried.

Most rev share programs use a traffic exchange model with a revenue share component added-on to it.

Example: You join a rev share and buy an adpack for $50. Assuming that you surf the required number of websites each day, the program will allow you to share in its profits until your commissions reach $55. Actually, this is "cashback" on the $50 ad apend that you did, with an additional $5 (10%) added to it.

So - in all actuality - you paid for and got your traffic.. THEN the site gives you back all of your adspend plus an addition 10% on top (the percent varies, depending on the program). This payback isn't guaranteed but people come to expect it because - unless the program is having financial troubles, or gets shut-down - these earnings always get paid-out into members' account balances on a consistent basis. 

There are different ad pack prices ranging from $1 to $100 or more, and these can also be sold in EUR or any other currency, depending on the website. Also, the percentages can vary by company AND by ad pack sizes within the same company.

The blurriness comes-in when people promote and use these websites without much or even ANY regard to the actual product, the WEBSITE TRAFFIC that you are paying for. You see, there are people out there that are joining these rev share programs because their only intent is to earn from them. They are seeing it as an investment.

You DON'T want to be one of those people. I have people ask me "well, how much can I make if I put in *** dollars?".. this is the WRONG WAY to see a rev share traffic exchange. The reason they have this impression is because of the way most other affiliates are out there marketing rev share programs.. leading with money instead of traffic.

Once you see it correctly, you can promote it correctly.. without giving people the impression that they are just "putting-in" money to make money from that money.

This is called "LEADING with TRAFFIC". If you can't lead with traffic then you have no business being involved in any traffic exchange rev share.

People are doing it WRONG if they purchase a program's main/only product (TRAFFIC) - yet aren't using this traffic to build a business or sell products/services This is referred to as "inventory overloading" and is frowned-upon by regulators..

Those that do it the RIGHT WAY will have EVERYTHING going in their favor.

If you have no business opportunities to promote yet - or no products/services to sell, this is perfectly fine. TRAFFIC is a service. The revshares sell TRAFFIC, and so can we. This is what I am doing, here.

Each time you earn enough in your cash balance to re-purchase another adpack - you get more traffic to your website AND you are compounding your money inside of the system. This might take a couple of days to sink in - but this is 1/2 of the mechanism that can help you to build your "adpack empire"!! 

Yes - your MONEY will build RIGHT ALONG with it.. but that is secondary. That is a bonus. That is a "thank you", back from the website for helping them to become and stay popular.

What makes it so easy to "lead with traffic" is the fact that we are always getting earnings building-up in our cash balances to re-purchase more adpacks at a faster rate.. therefore, building BOTH our MONEY and our ADVERTISING POWER.

Even if the traffic wasn't all that great of quality.. how good does it REALLY need to be if you are earning dollars from it in the process? Once you have an account with a massive number of adpacks being repurchased, you can't help but make sales or build your primary business at the same time. It is just a matter of how many eyeballs you can get to look at your offer.

The KEY is just to keep on re-purchasing adpacks and introducing others to these programs, who do the same. This is the REALLY powerful part. We will talk about this next time.. How does the phrase "compounding a compound" sound to you?

Til next time..

Here's to your MASSIVE success!!! 

"The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today." -  H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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